EXCLUSIVE: Doc Talk: Fatigue and lack of sexual interest can signal male menopause: Expert

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Signs of male menopause
Fatigue and lack of sexual interest can signal male menopause

We all are aware of menopause in women, and its symptoms. But, how many of us know about male menopause or have even heard about it? Very few, maybe. Now, some of you may ask what is it? Male menopause is a transition and drop in testosterone levels in men that occurs over a long period.

If you are wondering if it is different from women's menopause, yes, it is, and in several ways. There is no clear-cut abrupt change like in women when ovulation stops. Male menopause, on the other hand, is a gradual, temporary but definite age-related fall in testosterone levels. It may be as little as half a per cent of total body testosterone over several years.

“Fatigue, tiredness, lack of sexual interest, loss of libido plus discomfort in the breast, failure of erection, sometimes a decline in the sperm counts or decline in fertility are all symptoms of men's menopause. We recommend testing testosterone levels for men with very significant symptoms,” says Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and IVF Expert, Nurture IVF Centre.


Menopause, Bajaj says, itself is a very gradual change. It may manifest at the age of just 50. “There are very subtle symptoms in men, which may happen in an age-related scenario close to age groups of 50-55 and it is dominant among 60-65 years age group. However, it affects people individually depending upon their health conditions as well for a lot of people. However, male menopause does not have as significant a manifestation as female menopause,” says Bajaj.

Menopause in men can affect fertility. And if the testosterone levels are precipitously low, then hormone replacement therapy can be considered as a form of treatment.

“However, fertility depends on several other factors, too. Low self-esteem, lack of sexual drive, a sense of incompetence or being old may affect a man’s fertility. So, it is very important to make men aware of it,” adds Bajaj.


Bajaj adds and says that blame it on ageing that people do not talk about men's menopause. Due to the rising awareness, people do talk about women's menopause. But a talk about male menopause is missing. “People don't talk about it because the issue is not very well known. There is very little awareness about male menopause. Men usually take it as age-related fatigue and lack of sexual drive due to advancing age. Normally, people take it as a logical progression due to hormonal change in advancing age,” she explains.

This definitely calls for creating greater awareness about the process. It is important for men to know that this is only a very subtle, and transient hormonal change. The issue, Bajaj says, is more related to awareness and state of mind than sexuality and clinical interventions.

“Therefore, we need to create awareness. For instance, male menopause can be a result of certain bone density related changes due to lower levels of testosterone. Being aware, we may get rid of the problem with higher intake of vitamin D & Calcium, lifestyle modifications such as stop smoking and avoiding alcohol consumption. These measures would eventually improve the condition and that too without medication or clinical interventions. Hence, creating awareness is the key and that would help in improving the quality of life,” concludes Bajaj.

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