EXCLUSIVE: Expert lists 4 skin concerns that one should never ignore

Updated on Oct 02, 2021 12:39 AM IST  |  63.5K
Don't ignore these skin conditions
4 skin concerns that one should never ignore

It is rare that we visit a dermatologist for something as minor as a stubborn boil. We often think of it as a mosquito bite, or something that doesn’t need much attention. But is this really the case? Does our skin only call for expensive scrubs and face masks, and is it enough? The answer is no. Cosmetics can be used to enhance one’s natural beauty, but they are not an answer to your skin’s calls for help.

Just like our body, our skin too asks for our attention every once in a while, if not more. But most of us often end up ignoring them, and in case we do, it is only to buy a chest full of make-up products that claim to add to your skin’s health.

Dr. Komal Gupta, Senior Consultant, Dermatology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur, lists 4 skin concerns that one should always pay attention to.


Acne or pimples

Acne, especially cystic acne, can severely impact the health of the skin and one’s overall well-being. Hence, it is important to consult a dermatologist at the appearance of even blackheads and whiteheads. Even when pimples start appearing more frequently one must get them checked.


Many times, people think that boils are harmless, and they only look unappealing. However, they are serious concerns, and one must consult a dermatologist for the same. They occur due to infection, injuries, and the existence of bacteria. Hence, when one gets a boil, they should immediately get it checked.


Chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea

These chronic conditions occur due to stress. Today most people are leading stressful lives therefore, these conditions tend to flare up. Once they do, it is important to consult a dermatologist.


Many people have allergic skin reactions during the summer and rainy months. This is when common allergy sources like sunlight and bugs are most prevalent. Some of these reactions can be serious especially if they impact the face. Hence, it is important to consult the dermatologist.

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