EXCLUSIVE: Expert reveals why one should replace their regular oils with olive oil

Updated on Oct 21, 2021 10:28 PM IST  |  138.8K
Olive oil benefits
Expert reveals why one should replace their regular oils with olive oil

Desi and vanaspati ghee, refined oils, and butter have been part of our diets for as long as one can remember. And rightly so, because who can imagine that ghar ki daal or that kurkuri bhindi without a spicy tadka? However, with the wave of Western influence gripping the country, people are now moving towards diets from the other half of the world.

A part and parcel of this is olive oil. No matter how Western it may sound to you, what isn’t arguable is the fact that it is loaded with health benefits, as claimed by the experts themselves.

Soumya B Hegde, Fitness and Weight loss Expert, Owner, BFIT With Soumya, Bangalore, validates the health benefits of olive oil, and tells you that it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, a healthy fat. And is also rich in antioxidants.

“Extra virgin olive oil is much better and the healthier olive oil as it is the least processed. Due to health awareness around the world, now more and more people from eastern countries are trying to add olive oil to reap the maximum benefits,” exclaims Soumya.

olive oil

She adds that since extra virgin olive oil is least processed so it can be a healthier choice than vegetable oils or any regular oils.

She lists a few other reasons why one should replace their regular oils with olive oil.

Good for heart

Studies show that the Mediterranean Diet which includes 4 plus tablespoons of extra virgin olive daily can lower the risk of heart diseases like heart attack, stroke, and reduce blood pressure. You need not take more than 4 tablespoons daily but instead add 1.5 tablespoon olive oil to your daily diet to reap the benefits as it's also high in saturated fat, and also to keep the daily calories intake minimum.

olive oil benefits

Rich in antioxidants; good for health and skin

Because it’s rich in polyphenols, it reduces oxidative stress (free radical damage). It’s a stress that happens inside the body which damages protein, DNA, lipids leading to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia. It has oleic acid, good amounts of vitamin E and Vitamin K which is good for the skin.

Supports memory, brain activity

Extra virgin olive oil prevents Alzheimer's disease by reducing oxidative stress. It improves memory and brain function by preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

brain function

Helps in weight loss

By keeping blood sugar levels stable, and keeping cravings at bay. Since it’s low in calories, it can be used for salad dressing and Indian style cooking too.

Improves mood, prevents depression

It’s brain nourishing nutrients improves mood. Healthy fats present in olive oil support the central nervous system, by releasing mood lifting hormone serotonin.

Reduces inflammation

Good for arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis. Monounsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil reduces inflammation.

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