EXCLUSIVE: Fitness expert approved tips for new moms to kickstart your fitness regime

Despite your best efforts to lose that baby weight, you are not seeing results? Worry Not! Here are a few tips to help you bet back to your fit self quickly.
EXCLUSIVE: Fitness expert approved tips for new moms to kickstart your fitness regime
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Being a new mom can be challenging as you are dealing with many changes – a new baby and a body you no longer recognise. Here's how you can begin your fitness routine again. 

  • Starting with a daily brief walk after the first week or two. Take a brisk walk for 30 minutes in continuity. Try to cover a mile in 15 minutes. This will help burn the extra fat 
  • Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and split up your workouts so you focus on both cardio and strength-based activity.
  • Remember to mix up your workouts and change your routine as your body will stop showing results if you do the exact same workout plan 
  • Once a routine becomes easy, then pick up the pace as you need to keep challenging yourself.

A few exercises you can do

  • Choose exercises like walking, swimming, water aerobics, and yoga which are good options for postpartum exercise. 
  • Other recommended low-impact choices include the stationary bike, elliptical machine, and stair-climber machine at the gym. Be sure to take it slow at first and build your duration and intensity.
  • Once you get a go-ahead from your doctors, consider increasing the intensity of the abdominal and pelvic floor exercises.
  • Gentle Yoga such as yin yoga and restorative yoga is good for a new mom. Remember not all yoga is appropriate so choose wisely.

Things you should remember

  • Until you have regained the strength in your muscles you should avoid doing sit-ups and crunches 
  • It is important that you maintain correct posture and balance while exercising so that your pelvic and abdominal muscles are able to regain strength.
  • Seek advice from a fitness expert to learn bracing exercises for your abdomen and pelvis.
  • Choose the exercise that best suits you, based on your strength level, rate of recovery, and schedule.

Remember to also have a healthy diet, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.

About the author: Meenakshi Mohanty is a Fitness Expert.

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