EXCLUSIVE: A Gynaecologist REVEALS the importance of thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Then, it is time to maintain that the thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy and keep complications at bay. This, in turn, will also be beneficial for your baby. Here, Dr Veena Aurangabadwalla tells you about why thyroid hormones are vital for your baby’s development.

Updated on Dec 09, 2020 11:02 AM IST  |  1M
EXCLUSIVE: A Gynaecologist REVEALS the importance of thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy
EXCLUSIVE: A Gynaecologist REVEALS the importance of thyroid hormone levels in pregnancy
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Women, are you worried about your thyroid health during pregnancy? Then, you must immediately consult the doctor before it is too late. Thyroid disorders can be termed as a group of disorders that tend to affect one’s thyroid gland. Did you know? Your thyroid gland is small in size and has a shape of a butterfly and is situated at the front of your neck and makes thyroid hormones. It is an endocrine gland, meaning that the thyroid hormones are in charge of how your body utilizes energy for its different functions in other organs of the body. Hence, they tend to impact the way on how every organ in your body may work along with your heartbeats.
You will also be shocked to know that your thyroid may sometimes make too much or too little of these hormones. Yes, you have heard it right! It is no brainer that too much thyroid hormone can be known as hyperthyroidism owing to which your body’s function will speed up and the thyroid will become overactive. Likewise, too little thyroid hormone can also be termed as hypothyroidism that can slow down the function of your body. Hypothyroidism suggests that your thyroid is underactive.  Thus, if you are one of them who is having a thyroid problem, and are pregnant, then you need not worry. A timely diagnosis, opting for thyroid function tests and proper medication will help you and your baby stay safe.


Here we tell you about the role of thyroid hormones when one is pregnant

Thyroid hormones are very important when it comes to the overall growth of your baby’s nervous system and the brain as well. That’s right! While in the first trimester, that means in those first 3 months of the pregnancy, the baby tends to depend on your supply of thyroid hormone come s via the placenta. It is only after 12 weeks that your baby’s thyroid may work on its own. Do you know that it doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone till 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy?

- Are you aware? The two pregnancy-related hormones namely human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and estrogen lead to higher measured thyroid hormone levels that are present in your blood.

- Besides, it is also observed that the thyroid gland enlarges slightly in women who are healthy and become pregnant.


- It is a fact that diagnosing thyroid problems can be tough during pregnancy owing to those higher levels of thyroid hormones and the other physiological signs that are seen in both even when one conceives and in thyroid disorders. 

- The symptoms of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism cannot be spotted sometimes and the treatment can be initiated after doing the test.
Moreover, postpartum thyroiditis is also a type of thyroid disease and it may occur when, or after a pregnant woman gives birth to a baby.

- Thyroid causes problems to the baby like premature birth, miscarriage, and low birth rate. 


- The normal recommended levels of T3, T4, and TSH vary in pregnant women, as compared to non-pregnant women. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to examine thyroid health from time to time. Do not delay the treatment once you get to know that you are pregnant and suffer from thyroid problems. Also, instead of self-medication, it is imperative to seek a doctor’s advice and take the medications accordingly. After all, your baby’s health and your health are at stake. So, get going and lead a healthy life!

About the author: Dr Veena Aurangabadwalla, Gynaecologist, Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur

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