EXCLUSIVE: How Sattvic food can enhance your energy levels according to an expert

Updated on Oct 10, 2021 03:27 AM IST  |  67.9K
EXCLUSIVE: How Sattvic food can enhance your energy levels according to an expert
EXCLUSIVE: How Sattvic food can enhance your energy levels according to an expert

You are what you eat, and a sattvic diet demonstrates that. Shifting a sattvic diet has been shown to help purify the mind, free the body of built-up toxins, thus cleansing both the body and mind. Adhering to a sattvic diet plays an essential role in achieving a physical and mental balance.

Improved immunity system
The sattvic diet is particularly nutritious as 40% of the diet involves raw vegetables and fruits in salads. Eating natural fresh foods produces all the essential nutrients, dietary fibre, antioxidants, proteins, minerals and monounsaturated fats. Moreover, if followed regularly, it promotes the body's immunity, allowing a healthier immune system.

Helps in weight loss
Sattvic food is made using low carbs and calories, composed primarily of ingredients are loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins. In addition, sattvic food is rich in fibre, which helps in reducing calories and keeps you feeling content and well-fed after mealtimes.

Sattvic food

Maintain balance in body and mind
A good diet flushes the mind and body with energy, peacefulness and happiness. The sattvic diet is packed with goodness that supports the stability of the body and mind.

Improves digestive system
Being on a sattvic diet means mainly eating fresh foods. This is because vegetables and fruits have the maximum nutrients, minerals and fibre when eaten raw. This promotes easy digestion due to fibre-rich food, which ensures a healthy absorption of nutrients from food.

Prevent chronic diseases
The sattvic diet is rich in fibre, nutrients and antioxidants, which prevents certain chronic diseases. In addition, a sattvic diet ensures you stay away from fried and processed food. This keeps our stomach happy and helps the body fight multiple infections.

Healthy food

Helps the body detoxify
A simple way to tell if you have toxicity in your body is to feel bloating, headache, skin rashes, fatigue or nausea. Switching to a sattvic diet can help detox and heal your body.

Stay Energetic
A noticeable change can be seen within a month of consuming a sattvic diet. The body feels light and active with more flexibility than before. As a result, your mood is happy, resulting in a notable change in your work efficiency.
Recommended by many, the benefits of a sattvic diet can be experienced within the first week of starting the diet.

About the author: Mr. Amit Juneja, CEO and MD, Annakoot by ISKCON Bangalore

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