EXCLUSIVE: Importance of timely treatment of knee pain and the benefits of Aqua Therapy for knees

Knee pain is one of the common problems not only among senior citizens but the younger generation too. Knee pain might occur due to multiple reasons which include injury, trauma, systemic changes, nutritional deficiencies and most importantly degenerative changes.
EXCLUSIVE: Importance of timely treatment of knee pain and the benefits of Aqua Therapy for knees EXCLUSIVE: Importance of timely treatment of knee pain and the benefits of Aqua Therapy for knees
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Simple things like sitting on lower surfaces, using an Indian toilet, getting up from the sofa, using a staircase, crossing the road or walking on uneven terrains become difficult leading to increased dependence and poor quality of life. 

However, degenerative changes which are mostly age-related or might even start early in a few depending on their lifestyle, gender and genetics, can be slowed if caught early in the process.

As and when the age progresses, the cushioning and lubrication of the knee reduces due to which the force absorption capacity of the joint reduces thus reducing the space between the joints causing a rubbing effect in the knee which leads to wear and tear of the protective joint cartilage. This leads to inflammation leading to pain. If ignored, it might go to an extremely painful and debilitating stage where bones rub against each other causing an inability to walk. The only option for this stage is surgery.

The progression towards this stage might occur earlier in females especially post-menopausal age group where reduced bone strength is common. However, if this is caught and controlled in an earlier phase the progression of degeneration can be slowed improving the quality of life.

Understanding the symptoms and consulting an expert in earlier stages help in designing a good treatment program that includes medicines, diet and most importantly the exercises! Exercises help increase muscle strength, flexibility, joint stability and position sense. This increases the functional independence of the patients. It is extremely important to couple dietary changes and weight management along with this.

It is very important to remember that apart from the degenerative changes, knee pain might occur in case of sudden or past injuries. These require prompt attention else they might lead to worsening of the injured tissue leading to instability and falls.

When to consult? If you get any of these symptoms, consult an expert to catch them and treat them at the right time

1. Early morning pain 

2. Knee joint (inner side pain), stiffness and swelling 

3. Difficulty in bending the knee 

4. Sudden locking or knee giving way 

5. Inability to walk, use staircase and Indian toilet

6. Change in walking pattern 

7. Redness and swelling around the knee

How Aqua therapy helps in knee pain

Support and stabilise the body along with a reduction in edema

Warm water calms tensed muscles and reduces pain

Stress on joints is reduced as the bodyweight is 1/10th in water (means 90% Lighter)

Provides resistance to movements for muscle strengthening and burn more calories

Temperature controlled to create a warm setting for pain relief

AquaCentric Therapy is one of the first advanced rehabilitation centres with specialised Aquatic Therapy pools along with Therapy areas for land and outdoor functional rehabilitation. The therapy pools are indoor, temperature-controlled, equipped with an underwater treadmill with live camera monitoring, underwater elliptical and an underwater cycle amongst many other internationally sourced Aquatic therapy equipment.

About the author: Dr Nikita Vaidya, Orthopedic Physiotherapist, AquaCentric Therapy

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