Exclusive: Kickstart 2022 with a natural detox cleanse suggested by a celebrity dietician

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A natural detox cleanse suggested by a celebrity dietician

It is interesting that our body organs - liver, skin, lungs detox every day and naturally. For example, our skin is the largest detox organ we have. But when we talk about reversing our health at the cellular level for anti-ageing; there is certain evidence-based nutrition around certain foods. When we incorporate them, we reduce cellular aging and protect our telomeres in our DNA. So, Swati Bathwal, the Celebrity Dietitian and Nutritionist offers you an exclusive post-holiday detox regimen that lets you kickstart 2022 on the right note.

Eating raw foods in the morning for 2 weeks

People who do not like to stay hungry in the morning or have a busy schedule can follow a raw diet till lunch. In this detox program, you are basically making yourself accustomed to your needs and practicing this for a longer period of time, not just getting rid of post festival toxins. Eating raw fruits and vegetables in the morning or on an empty stomach is better and nutrients get absorbed better.

Types of raw food you can consume

These foods are strawberries, red grapes, purple carrots, basically, any fruits and vegetables which are yellow, red, orange or blue in color. They contain xenphormetic molecules - which helps to engage in survival mechanisms and helps us reduce aging quickly and helps in detox. Resveratrol, quercetin molecules reverse aging or helps in detox better along with fasting - Intermittent Fast or Raw till Lunch.

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Wellness benefits of eating raw foods

These foods are rich in vitamin b complex, magnesium, vitamin c and antioxidants and most importantly contain water, so it's excellent for hydration (post alcohol or high salt meals can cause fluid retention causing bloating, puffy eyes and temporary weight gain). They have natural sugars along with soluble, insoluble fiber and resistant starch, so do not worry about sugar spikes.

Your post lunch meal plan

Till Lunch aim to drink plenty of water, green tea (rich in catechins) herbal tea, black tea, fresh fruits - like a fruit platter, sprouts and fresh homemade vegetable juices. You can do 20 gm mixed nuts. Followed by this, eat a well-balanced lunch and a calorie-controlled dinner.

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Mostly, people fall prey to evening snacks because of our changes in circadian rhythm, a fistful of foxnuts or roasted gram are good snacking choices in that hour or just go for a walk!

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