EXCLUSIVE: Know the early signs of anxiety

Expert lists the early signs of anxiety. Read on to find out more.

Updated on Sep 14, 2021 11:55 PM IST  |  412.6K
Don't ignore these signs of anxiety
Find out the early signs of anxiety
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What if the bridge breaks? Or if the plane crashes? Or to make it all worse I drown in the swimming pool? Some of us might have had these thoughts once in our lives. While most will term it as being pessimist, doctors have another term for it – anxiety.

It’s a no-brainer that stress, anxiety and depression are on a high. More so, during the pandemic when all one can do was to sit back, relax and scroll the rising COVID-19 numbers.

However, there are many who fail to understand the signs of anxiety and often end up dismissing it as normal stress or tension.

Dr. Samant Darshi, Psychiatrist and De-addiction Specialist, Psymate, Noida, lists some early signs of anxiety that one should never ignore.



1. Initial response of the body on being exposed to an anxiety provoking trigger is the flight and fight syndrome. It involves the sympathetic nervous system and typically causes increase in the heart beat, blood pressure rises, breathing becomes rapid and the body prepares itself to escape

2. Always being keyed up, inability to relax

3. Sleep disturbances



1. Safety behaviors to avoid the occurrence of a feared catastrophe

2. Reassurance seeking

3. Avoidance behaviors


1. Negative automatic thoughts that pop up in your stream of consciousness and you start getting ideas like “what if I collapse now”.

2. Cognitive distortions such as thinking in a catastrophic manner


1. Fearfulness

2. Irritability

3.Emotional fluctuations


While these signs may sound horrific, the fear of anticipating a danger every time is definitely worrisome and calls for action. Here are a few ways one can fight with the signs of anxiety.

Deep breathing is a simple technique for managing difficult emotions. Abdominal breathing helps in coping with anxiety

Progressive muscle relaxation involves alternatively tensing and relaxing the muscles throughout your body

Think of something calming; positive imagery has the power to change how one feels

Label your thought just as a thought and not as a fact

Evaluate the thought as true, important or helpful if it is neither then detach yourself from it

Challenge you negative thinking by looking for evidence against your thought and evidence supporting your thoughts

Simple affirmations that are in the present tense work best like saying “I am calm”

Get yourself back to present moment by enhancing your attention and awareness

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