EXCLUSIVE: Magic elixir: The truth of black water by experts

Updated on Sep 26, 2021 11:23 AM IST  |  121.1K
Black water benefits on health
Truth of black water

If you have a smartphone and a social media account, there’s no chance that you don’t know what black water is. All thanks to the paparazzi for letting us know how celebrities like Gauri Khan and Malaika Arora drink black water. But what is it and why so much buzz around it, you ask? Experts tell you that it is an alkali-based water which is said to be packed with benefits.

Harleen Gulati, Health coach and Founder of Selfpledge, tells you that other than regular forms of water, black water is actually an alkali-based water that is, of course, black in color and is believed to have various health benefits. “The buzz about black water is due to its higher pH and alkalinity which makes it less acidic than most bottled drinking water or tap water. Black water is also known by other names, such as “fulvic water” and “natural mineral alkaline water”. Hence, black water has been getting a lot of attention from health-conscious people, naturopaths, and scientific researchers for its purported health benefits,” explains Gulati.

Aided with over 70 minerals, black water is believed to help improve digestion, promote metabolism, lower acidity and boost immunity levels. It can even facilitate absorption of electrolytes, delivery and absorption of minerals to cells. “Additionally, it has anti-ageing properties as well, since the pH level is above 7, which is more than regular water,” says Gulati.


Adding to the many benefits of black water, Nutritionist Aakriti Arora says, people also believe that it makes a great hangover cure, because of its ability to quickly transport nutrients to cells. It’s also claimed that black water improves gut health, protects oneself from Alzheimer's, reduces the inflammation in the body, makes the absorption of nutrients better, and cleanses the colon. However, there is no hard scientific evidence to support any of the aforementioned claims.

But there are cons of everything, and so it is with black water, too. “The Fulvic acid found in this water alone in moderate quantities appears to be safe according to several studies as shilajit is the main source of fulvic acid. However, drinking black water for longer periods of time and large quantities can cause nausea, hand tremors, confusion, tingling sensations and alkalosis (extremely rare) as this water in large quantities lowers the natural stomach acidity. This acidity actually helps to kill bacteria and expel other undesirable pathogens from entering one’s bloodstream. Making your stomach “too Alkaline” is not going to do any good to you in the long run,” opines Arora.


For those wondering whether it can be used as an alternative to normal water, Arora says it’s a big no. “One can use black water as one would use any form of supplementation or energy drink but should never replace the normal drinking water with the same. Blackwater promises to be this magical elixir of life that alkalises your gut and changes the ph levels of your body! But here’s a reality check, what one eats or drinks cannot change the pH of one’s blood. Our lungs and kidneys have tight control over that, if they failed to do so, one would be in serious trouble,” asserts Arora.

It’s always better to stick to basic things which are easily incorporated in your lifestyle to make long-lasting and sustainable changes, she adds.


No matter how much buzz this so-called magic elixir has created, experts believe one doesn’t really require black water at all. “As far as the requirement goes, no, a person does not require black water as a part of their daily routine. If you are consuming a healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables, plenty of good quality protein and fibre along with healthy fats, you’re good to go! Just chug your plain old drinking water for hydration and you’re sorted,” explains Arora.

Not to mention, children and elderly should, at all costs, stay away from it. “It is not safe for children. We need to understand that black water is not naturally alkaline. It is made alkaline artificially. It has added minerals that are also synthetic in nature. If you are feeding your children alkaline water at a very young age, it may lead to mal-absorption of nutrients. All these vitamins and minerals can be given to kids from natural sources rather than these modern synthetic drinks,” opines Dietitian Mac Singh, co-founder Fitelo.

If there are no scientifically proven benefits of the elixir, then why is it so expensive. Experts hasn an answer. “Being a fairly new concept in the market, black water is expensive. Although the process involves multiple steps to manufacture it, manufacturers are charging a premium for the perceived unique benefits of the product,” adds Singh.

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