EXCLUSIVE: Mother’s diary: 7 Problems that new mothers face and ways to deal with them

Updated on Oct 02, 2021 12:37 AM IST  |  66.4K
Ways to deal with the problems faced during early motherhood
Problems that new mothers often face

That sleepy, almost expression-less face, but with a smile to die for, if you have recently earned the title of a mother, you would understand the feeling. To make things sour, or in fact talking about reality, think of those sleepless nights, messed up schedules, and a blank mind of what to do next. This is pretty much all about embracing motherhood.

The beautiful, yet exasperating phase leaves new mothers in a tussle, where they lose their decision-making ability and are often left trying to settle in and accepting this new life of theirs.

Dr. Hemanandini Jayaraman, Consultant, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road, lists the problems that new mothers face, and along the way tells you how one can sail through them.


  1. Breastfeeding is the biggest challenge for new mothers.
  2. There is a mixed bag of emotions, dealing with joy on one hand and the stress of feeding the baby, lack of sleep, backache, pain over stitches are a few difficult situations faced by the first-time mom.
  3. Worried about doing the right things as a new mom, especially if she has to return to work.
  4. Worried about the loss of figure, stretch marks, challenges of getting back the self-image.
  5. Postpartum depression.
  6. Confusion over the new age information on the net vs what parents would advise at home (traditional customs).
  7. Mastitis or breast congestion or abscess formation.


There is of course more. But fret not. Here are some solutions, too.

“For most first-time mothers, the joy of a safe delivery, and the end of waiting nine months soon evaporates as she faces the ground reality of dealing with a wailing demanding infant in her arms. She struggles with the positioning for breastfeeding the baby whose hungry grabs often leave her nipples sore and cracking. In order to overcome this, mothers should feed the baby as frequently as possible or whenever they feel the baby is up and hungry. As for the position, mothers will be able to figure it out in sometime,” says Jayaraman.


She adds that it is very important to have her, the overanxious grandparents, and the neonatologist on the same page. “There might be a lot of pressure on her to start top feeds by home members when the child is crying relentlessly VS what the doctor says, "only breastmilk for your baby". What does she do? The mother can have a talk with her in-laws and the doctor at the same time, this will keep everyone on the same page,” adds Jayaraman.

Also, it's important to rest well whenever the baby sleeps so that there is energy to sustain and feed the child in the nights as well.

“Hydration is important to produce adequate milk. If that doesn’t work, doctors also prescribe some meds to improve lactation. Visiting a lactation consultant helps to understand various nuances of feeding. Mentally stay calm and act logically because u have to balance out between what customs advise VS what the doctors tell you to do,” Jayaraman tells you.

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