EXCLUSIVE: Mother’s diary: Here are a few nutrition tips for breastfeeding mothers

Updated on Oct 03, 2021 01:46 PM IST  |  78.7K
Expert lists nutritional foods for breastfeeding mothers
Nutrition tips for breastfeeding women

Are you a breastfeeding mother? If yes, then you must have worn your detective hat and, by now, must be on a lookout for nutritional foods that can help breastfeeding mothers. And why not? Exhaustion, pain, and a thousand mood swings call for a diet that can help you stay on your toes throughout the day. More so, with the tiny cries asking for food, and those numerous diaper changing calls.

While the overly-possessive grandparents of your child must have already prepared a list of bland foods for you, that will surely leave you starving, and drained out of energy, that is not something you have to necessarily follow. This might leave your in-laws a bit upset, but experts say, it is important for breastfeeding mothers to have a diet that is nutritious, and makes you feel full and energetic.

Daljit Kaur, Head of Dietetics and Nutrition, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Okhla, New Delhi, shares nutrition tips and lists foods that you should be eating while nurturing another tiny human being.


A lot of protein in the diet in the form of eggs, milk, fish, chicken, dahi, rice, and kheer.

Take a sufficient amount of water because you need it to feed your baby.

Green leafy vegetables and Vitamin C (melon, oranges) are a must because they help in better absorption of iron.

Fruits which are juicier should be added in the daily diet.


Take rich calorie food but not in the form of fat or carbs.

Potatoes, rice, and cereals can be included if the mother is not suffering from gestational Diabetes.

Take good fats – almonds and walnuts. These are good for the nervous system of the baby.


Iron-rich food should be included.

Desi ghee in measured quantities is also good.

Oats with milk can be taken.

Sufficient minerals and vitamins are a must.

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