EXCLUSIVE: Mother’s diary: Swelling of the breasts may lead to painful breastfeeding, says Expert

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Changes a woman's body goes through post-delivery
3 Changes a woman's body undergoes post-delivery

Are you standing in front of the mirror struggling to find yourself in the barely recognisable body of yours? Does this make you lose confidence? Fret not, it’s normal. Carrying a tiny human for 9 months and then delivering it safely is not an easy job after all. It comes with its own share of problems, or to be precise, changes.

From how you look to how you feel, there’s a complete makeover of your personality. In some cases, this change can be temporary, while in others it can be nearly permanent. However, there’s nothing to worry about.

Dr. Akta Bajaj, Senior Consultant and Head, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, lists three changes that a woman’s body undergoes post-delivery. “First, there are changes in the size of the breast. They become large as they have to produce milk. In the initial few days, the breast produces colostrum, but that’s normal. The nipples may also become dry and cracked. Breastfeeding may also become painful because of swelling,” she says, and advises that for the first 6 months exclusive breastfeeding is recommended. It’s the best food for babies as it contains antibodies and strengthens the immunity.

changes post delivery

There are a lot of changes in the vagina structure as well. “There might be incontinence of urine due to weakening of perineal muscles. We usually recommend kegel exercise post-delivery so that muscles are strengthened again,” says Bajaj.

Another change that a woman undergoes is that there is a drop in body weight dramatically because the baby, 1 litre of amniotic liquid and the placenta, all comes out. “Placenta adds up to 7 kg of body weight. About 10-12 kg of weight loss occurs immediately after the delivery,” mentions Bajaj.

changes in weight post delivery

Not only this, but the estrogen level in the mother's body drops dramatically, too. “This causes hair fall and stress,” she points out.

While these are generic changes that most women undergo, there can be a whole lot of other changes, too, depending on the person, and how smooth or complicated the pregnancy has been.

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