EXCLUSIVE: Somy Ali talks about mental health on World Mental Health Day

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EXCLUSIVE: Somy Ali talks about mental health on World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day falls on October 10. This day is extremely important as it concerns the issues of the mind, addresses the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Clinical depression is increasingly on the rise and we need to come up with effective solutions to combat signs of depression and other mental illnesses.

A lot of actors have started opening up about mental health, starting with Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar, Anushka Sharma and Yo Yo Honey Singh. 

On this occasion, Somy Ali took an opportunity to speak on the importance of mental health and shed some light on World Mental Health Day.


Commenting on celebrities raising awareness about it, she said, "I have always applauded people with clout and a platform to use their voice to improve the lives of others. I commend Deepika for her initiative to break that stigma as it will literally save lives. This makes Deepika a real-life hero in my opinion. More so, in the South Asian culture mental health has never been recognized which only exacerbates the suffering. When people like Deepika speak up and open up about her personal experience with depression, that right there is the key to breaking the stigma. As her voice is not only reaching the elite, but women, men and children suffering in rural areas," she said.

"It would be wonderful if the government would get involved and each city and the rural areas would get educated on various mental health issues," she added.

According to her, setting up workshops would be a great start. 

"And if psychologists and psychiatrists would partake in these workshops it would be the best initiative ever. Additionally, more films should have characters that depict a mental ailment. I don’t recall seeing one aside from Arth, which addressed Smita Patel’s schizophrenia. I believe there was another one not too long ago with Shah Rukh and Alia which was pretty good too. But I would love to see more where these ailments are normalized by the characters playing without any negative connotation," said the former Bollywood actress.

Most people tend to be introverted when it comes to their own feelings and emotions.


"I believe that is solely individual-specific as some like to be an open book while others prefer their privacy. Depends on how much one wants to reveal about themselves and if they like to socialize all the time," said the founder and president of No More Tears, Inc.

She calls herself an open book when it comes to telling the truth, granted it took her 20 years to start opening up, yet by nature, she is a complete introvert. 

"With my NGO having me on my toes 24/7, I prefer and cherish being a recluse. I am also at an age where I know that humans at some point intentionally or inadvertently will try to take advantage of you. So, I enjoy being a hermit," said Somy.

As far as taking care of her mental health is concerned, she loves to exercise and try to do so six days a week. "Sunday is my cheat day where I eat my favourite food which is bhindi with naan and chicken biryani. I have two close friends who work in the same field as me and occasionally they come to my apartment. We watch movies or have extensive conversations on many subjects contemplating life and our purpose here," she shared.

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