EXCLUSIVE: A spoon of magic: Expert lists the benefits of adding ghee in diet

Updated on Oct 11, 2021 07:19 PM IST  |  56.1K
Benefits of ghee
Expert lists the benefits of adding ghee in diet

Remember your dadis and nanis forcibly putting that extra spoon of ghee in all the food that you eat, and saying, ‘Ghee khane se sehat banti hai’. Back then, not many of us liked the idea, and had eaten it only for our loving grandmother’s sake, despite angsting about how much weight we are going to put on, and how unhealthy it is.

However, the common thought that ghee is unhealthy or only makes you fat is fallacious. The good Indian ghee or clarified butter is loaded with benefits, and it is not us who are saying that, but the experts. Many believe that adding small amounts of cow ghee in food, and even replacing it with regular oils can do wonders when it comes to maintaining good health.

However, with that being said, anything done in extra can do more harm than good. So, it is not at all recommended that you start soaking your daals, parathas, and chapatis in ghee from now on.

However, if you are still apprehensive about the goodness of ghee, Soumya B Hegde, Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, and Owner, BFIT With Soumya lists a few benefits.

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It reduces exposure to cancer causing agents

Ghee has a smoking point of 500-degree F but does not release free radicals like most oils at high temperature. The free radicals can result in cell damage, which causes cancer.

Good for digestion

It has butyric acid, when the dietary fibre butyrate is broken down by gut bacteria a short chain fatty acid is created. “This way with lubrication, it results in good digestion, and prevents constipation,” says Hegde.

Good for hormones, PMS symptoms

Balances the hormones, heals or treats PMS symptoms, including mood swings.

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Good for brain health

Ghee has saturated fat which improves brain health. “It boosts cognitive ability, memory power, and prevents cell and tissue damage,” opines Hegde.

Good for joint health

There was a reason why our grandparents used to include ghee in their diet religiously, especially during the winters. “Ghee is known for lubricating the joints, and reducing inflammation and joint stiffness which is caused by arthritis,” she tells you.

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Strengthens immunity, good for skin and anti-aging

It is loaded with antioxidants which are good for immunity and skin health. It is rich in fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, and K along with butyric acid. It removes toxins from the system. Due to its high antioxidant levels, it prevents premature aging.

Aids in weight loss

It’s rich in CLA, and Omega 3 fatty acids. It decreases LDL cholesterol and increases good cholesterol that is HDL. It has butyric acid, and medium chain triglycerides which mobilises the stubborn body fat, and helps in weight loss, as opposed to the contrary popular belief.

Enhances taste, and improves satiety

Foods like daal, and rotis taste better when half or 1 spoon ghee is added, also it makes you feel full due to its satiety properties.

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