EXCLUSIVE: Success coach Anand Chulani reveals 4 simple ways on how to maintain mental & emotional fitness

Mental health has been taken for granted but it’s the key to surviving the pandemic.

Updated on Jun 21, 2021 07:35 PM IST  |  400.8K
EXCLUSIVE: How to maintain mental and emotional fitness during these difficult times
EXCLUSIVE: Success coach Anand Chulani reveals 4 simple ways on how to maintain mental & emotional fitness
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It’s important to make sure we’re mentally and emotionally fit and strong; just like we try and stay physically fit, go to the gym and build muscle, we also need to build certain mental muscles that already exist within us. I’m going to give you the 3 most important tips and teach you to access those muscles and train them every day so they’re just as strong as your physical being during these difficult times.  

Have Faith
Now that everything around you is so uncertain; you need to build unshakeable certainty within you and your capabilities- that’s what I mean by accessing your faith muscle. While the world seems so volatile, we can’t go to external resources to give us faith, we need to find something we truly believe in and believe that it is possible. Believe in your family, your body, your dreams, your job, and your ability to handle a vaccine. Create a vision and choose things that’ll empower you. Have faith in the resilience you have to push through with the people you love.


Strengthen your courage
Everyone is capable of courage and Covid couldn’t have made it more apparent. It’s shown us that the focus is not on what we achieve but about who we become. Courage is not the absence of fear; it’s accepting that there is fear but knowing that it can be handled. We all could be courageous; think of all the times you’ve dealt with uncertainty, whether you’re a parent or starting a new business. Think you all the times you’ve faced your fears- learning to ride a bike, flying on an airplane, going to school for the first time or speaking up in public. Remember all the times you’ve had courage and capture those moments- write them down. Use it as a reference point- don’t look for external sources to motivate you, use what’s already within you. To activate the muscle everyday, take an action that uses courage- whether it’s telling someone you love them, whether it’s choosing to get the vaccine or to be there for your loved ones. It’s time to strengthen the best part of you, the truest part of you.  

Practice Gratitude
Before the pandemic, we took everything for granted, we took breathing and oxygen for granted, life for granted, being able to hug and touch your loved ones for granted. Covid made us realize the gifts we have the blessings in everyday things. Be grateful for what you have and what’s around you, strengthen your muscle by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for everyday. But don’t just think about them, really feel grateful for it. Explore why you’re grateful for those things. It’s easy to say you’re grateful for your health, but why. Come up with all the reasons why you’re grateful for it. The more you go into them, the more you’ll feel gratitude. Why are you grateful for your family, what makes you so lucky, what about them makes you grateful- write them down and keep a journal. When you start doing this everyday, you’ll see that every downside has an upside and it’ll help you appreciate what you already have.  


Learn to Give
The biggest lesson we can take home from Covid is that we are here to give, to not take things for granted. To truly stop the suffering and pain in your life, detach from the expectations you give to things. Live by the belief that no one owes you anything and start giving instead. Give gratitude, give love, give help, give courage and give hope. But mainly, give because you want to, because you choose to, not because you want something back in return. The key to living a mentally and emotionally fit life is giving.  

About the author: Anand Chulani is India’s Leading Success Coach & Expert in Mental Well-being.

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