EXCLUSIVE: There is an increased risk of kidney disorders in Covid-19 recovered: Expert

Updated on Sep 09, 2021 07:36 PM IST  |  40.8K
People with severe Covid-19 illness are at high risk

There’s a reason why experts worldwide have termed COVID-19 as a new virus. It is presented with complications that are becoming difficult to decode. Hair loss, fatigue, breathlessness, cardiac problems, and now kidney disorders to add to the list of post-COVID complications.

A recent study has suggested that COVID recovered patients are at an increased risk of developing kidney disorders, including end-stage kidney diseases. It says that while those with a severe form of the disease are more prone to developing the disorder, patients with mild to moderate disease, too, are no exception.

Dr. Punit Gupta, Senior Consultant, Department of Nephrology, Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida, tells you that this is true that COVID patients and those who have already recovered are now presenting with an increased risk of kidney diseases as compared to the non-COVID patients.

“But this mostly applies to patients who have had a severe form of the disease and required hospitalisation. These patients can present with acute kidney injury or a high level of protein in the urine,” says Gupta.

Urine infection, fever, and abdominal pain can be some of the symptoms of a probable kidney disorder. “Now, in order to find if it is because of COVID or a normal urine and kidney infection, the doctor has to take references from the history of the patient. We have to evaluate the patient and then the real reason can be found out,” explains Gupta.

The first sign of an acute kidney infection can be decreased urine output, swelling in the leg, difficulty in breathing, drowsiness, and sometimes convulsions, too.

“If a COVID patient has suffered from any other infection like Dengue and Malaria, the chances of getting an acute kidney infection episode increases manifold. It is said that out of around 4.65 lakh cases of end stage renal disease, the first 10,000 who have suffered from COVID or other infections are more prone to getting the disease,” opines Gupta and adds that the hospital in the last one-and-a-half-year has treated patients with such diseases without any mortality. They had to go a bit aggressive with the treatment.

A piece of advice. “All the COVID recovered patients, whether mild, moderate or severe, should avoid alcohol and smoking. They should avoid eating junk and other outside food because that may lead to gastro infections. Avoid taking any extra medicines which are not prescribed by your doctor. And, if you are suffering from Diabetes and hypertension, keep it under control,” advises Gupta.

The treatment, he says, depends on the condition of the patient. From medications to dialysis, they have to plan accordingly.

Those who already suffer from episodes of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) should be extra cautious. “Even for people who don’t suffer from UTI, never hold your bladder. Urinate as and when required. Don’t delay it frequently. This will increase your chances of getting a urine or kidney infection,” suggests Gupta.

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