EXCLUSIVE: World diabetes Day 2021: 9 Ways to keep Diabetes at bay according to an expert

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EXCLUSIVE: 9 Ways to keep Diabetes at bay according to an expert
EXCLUSIVE: 9 Ways to keep Diabetes at bay according to an expert

While type 1 diabetes may be genetic, poor lifestyle choices promote preventable forms like type 2 and gestational diabetes. While an active lifestyle helps in reducing the risk of developing diabetes, food plays an important role. Intake of carb-rich food without the required amount of protein and other nutrients leads to an imbalance that can cause diabetes. Many children are increasingly diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes mainly because their sugar intake due to fast food and processed food is very high. As a chronic disease, diabetes calls for long-term care, and natural and herbal supplements like magnesium, vitamin D, aloe vera, etc. can help control it. Small changes in diet like using stevia instead of sugar or limiting the intake of carbohydrates can go a long way in preventing and controlling diabetes. Besides, people at high risk of developing diabetes such as obese people or those who spend extended amounts of time sitting must undertake 150 minutes of rigorous exercise every week.

Taking care of yourself and your diabetes can help you feel good today and in the future. Here are a few ways to keep Diabetes at bay:
Do not skip breakfast
It is important to start every day on a healthy note as research has found that skipping breakfast for even one day a week can increase the risk of developing diabetes by 6 per cent. For those who skip it four to five days per week, this can increase to as much as 55 per cent. Try to reduce intake of carbs and fats and opt for fruits, fruit-based smoothies, eggs, porridge, paratha fried in healthy fat, or sugar-free cereals with skimmed milk for breakfast.


Increase the colour red on your plate
Red fruits and vegetables including red peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries, come loaded with phytochemicals (plant-based chemicals) that may help protect against certain diseases including diabetes. The components are also known to support eye health and blemish-free skin.

Opt for homemade and fresh cooked food
Eat at home as much as possible and avoid highly processed or deep-fried foods eg- Sugary drinks, chips, cookies etc.

Opt for complex carbs
Add Oats, porridge, quinoa, barley, legumes etc as part of your daily meals.


Eat healthy fats
Yes, fats can be healthy and perfectly fits the palate of both vegetarian and meat-eaters. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, seeds such as chia, whole eggs, fishes like trout, mackerel, salmon, and sardines, are just a few examples. According to the NHS, women should eat about 70g of fat every day while men need no more than 95g a day.

Quit smoking and alcohol
These are factors well-known to increase the risk of diabetes. Uncontrolled alcohol consumption may cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas leading to impaired ability to secrete insulin which can cause diabetes. Research has found that those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day double the risk of getting diabetes as compared to those who do not smoke.

Cut down on sitting, start moving
As often said by experts, sitting is the new smoking. As people continue to spend a large part of the day sitting in offices or work / school-from-home setups, it considerably ups the risk of diabetes. Researchers have found that lying in bed for five days can lead to increased insulin resistance in the body which causes blood sugars to increase above the healthy levels; those who spend more time sitting have a 112 per cent higher risk of diabetes.


Screening at schools and offices
Getting screened is the best way to prevent diabetes. Since children are also increasingly affected, schools must consider organising screening camps at regular intervals. Similarly, in offices where a majority of the workforce spend time sitting, such screening camps can help in identifying the disease at the outset and help manage it better.

Workout Regularly
Please workout 3-4 times a week for at least 30 min in the form of jogging, swimming, bodyweight exercises, cycling, dancing etc

About the author: Ms Avni Sharma, Nutritionist at HealthKart

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