EXCLUSIVE: World Health Day: Ashish Gokhale shares his experience as doctor on Covid duty, filming in pandemic

Ashish Gokhale, known for shows like “Kumkum Bhagya” and “Tara from Satara” has been on Covid duty since the last year. He shares his experience as a frontline worker on covid duty and how he is juggling between shoots as an actor.
EXCLUSIVE: World Health Day: Ashish Gokhale shares his experience as doctor on Covid duty, filming in pandemic
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Doctor-turned-actor Ashish Gokhale has been on covid duty at a private hospital treating covid patients. He has been a part of shows like “Kumkum Bhagya” and “Tara from Satara”. He has also starred in films like Gabbar is back and the Marathi film titled Mogra Phulaalaa. Before he made his acting debut in 2015, he was practising medicine in Maharashtra's Konkan region.


On World Health Day we spoke to him about his experience in the last year as a doctor and an actor. He said, “My experience in the last one year as a doctor was terrible, and it's still going the same. I have worked around more than 365 days out of 365 days in the entire year from March 2020 till today. If you count hour wise, it's even more than that as I was almost all the time (24/7) in hospital till September 2020. But the good thing is that people are getting cured. Even earlier I had mentioned that it's an easily curable disease. Of course, as it's a viral disease, it ought to have a community spread and it has spread yet again now. But there's nothing to worry about or fear. I have been saying the same since last year that please don't panic, there's nothing to fear about”.


Talking about how he is juggling between shoots and battling with the second wave of Coronavirus, he said, “As an actor, I started shooting for a film by September end and had also resumed shoot for a television show. But then we used to shoot intermittently like we used to shoot for alternative weeks due to covid norms. We completed the shoot of that film around January 2021 and later was busy in the same film's dubbing as a part of post-production. I had a shoot of a web series lined up, but the project went on hold due to the current covid situations".



He also said, “Just now when everything was finally resuming and getting into the flow when we were hit by this second wave of coronavirus. Now, we have to work fearlessly towards stopping this community spread by taking precautions and following the social distancing norms. I am very fortunate that our hospital staff is always so helpful to me. I always come across people who are very kind and helpful towards me. So my shoots were going on smoothly. But we weren't shooting on a daily basis due to covid norms and as people were really working with this added responsibility by following social distancing rules”.


With regard to him taking all the necessary precautions at the shoot and balancing between his work as an actor and a doctor, he said, “I am doing this big banner Bollywood film with many senior and legendary artists. Everyone was working while taking care of each other. Around 20-25 people were infected even on our television show's set, who I myself treated as well. So even at the shoot, I was treating patients, not patients exactly; they were my friends only, and then again at the hospital as well”.

He further added, “I had a shoot beginning now which halted due to covid now, so I am right now focusing here on treating my patients. But as soon as the shoot starts, I will be working there as well. And I love to do multiple things at a time. I love to manage my time and energy between various things. It's challenging, but then I love challenges. I am training in gymnastics for a new project, I had started doing dance rehearsals for an upcoming film. So I am enjoying managing everything from gymnastics, dance, hospital, patients, films, covid, gym workout. I simply love doing all of it”.


He concluded by urging people to take an oath and promise to lead a well-disciplined life, maintain hygiene and cleanliness, follow social distancing rules, wear our masks, exercise daily for 30 mins.


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Anonymous 1 week ago

Just Love his energy and enthusiasm... He is compassion and passion blended in one. Amaaazzinngg, Inspiring & Outstanding. Hatsoff to this brilliant and kind human being. Thankful. May you be super successful in everything you do Dr. Ashish Gokhale.