EXCLUSIVE: World Heart Day 2021: 5 Ways to know your body is signalling a heart attack

Updated on Sep 30, 2021 02:08 PM IST  |  60.5K
Look out for these signs
Signs of a heart attack

We all know chest discomfort is the most common sign of a heart attack. If you have a blocked artery, you may feel pain, stiffness, or pressure in your chest. These sensations last longer than a few minutes. It can happen when you are relaxing or doing some physical exercise.

However, Dr. Amit Khandelwal, HOD & Director, Cardiology, Paras JK hospital, Udaipur says, there are several other warning signs that may indicate a heart attack. Here he lists a few.

Nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, or abdominal pain

Some people have these symptoms during a heart attack. Most of the time, we dismiss it as a result of an upset stomach. Because after all, it may be because of something that you ate. Or other reasons that have nothing to do with your heart. But it is imperative to know that it can also happen during a heart attack. So, if you experience any of these symptoms and are at risk for heart problems, let your doctor know what is happening, especially if you have any of the other symptoms from this list.


Pain that passes on to the arm

Another sign of a heart attack is a pain that is passing through the left side of the body. If you feel this, consult your doctor immediately.

Feeling dizzy or light-headed

Too many things can make you lose your balance or make you feel weak for a while. Maybe you did not have enough food or drink, or you got up very quickly. But if you suddenly feel unwell and have chest problems or shortness of breath, call a doctor right away.


You get tired easily

If you suddenly feel tired or out of breath after doing something that you had no problem doing in the past - like climbing stairs or carrying food from a car - make an appointment with your doctor right away.


It is normal to inhale slightly while sleeping. But unusually loud snoring that sounds like panting or choking may be a sign of sleep apnea. This is when you stop breathing several times at night while you sleep. This puts more stress on your heart. Your doctor can check if you need a sleep lesson to see if you have this condition. If you do, you may need a CPAP machine to speed up your breathing while you sleep.

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