EXCLUSIVE: World Mental Health Day 2021: Ways to take care of mental health if you lost your job in pandemic

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Ways to take care of your mental health if the pandemic made you lose your job
Ways to take care of mental health if you lost your job in pandemic

You got a call from the office. It seemed like a normal work call to do something on an urgent basis, however it turned out to be a fateful day. The company can no longer afford you, said the voice from the other side of the phone. You are left devastated, with no other means of earning, and the faces of your family members make you feel even more helpless. We are sure, in the last more than one-and-a-half-year many people have gone through this unfortunate situation.

While such a situation can make anyone go out of their senses, however, maintaining courage, and having the spirit to fight is what one can ask you to do.

“During these two years, one thing has been constant amongst my clients and those around me – people needed help and were constantly seeking for it through mediums but were too afraid to take medicines as most of them were being recommended for the same through their physicians. Naturally, it was a tough time and depression & anxiety were becoming the order of the day. But as observed, most of the people were not ready to take medications and a majority of them were scared of the fact that they will become dependent on them, while that is not the case at all. This is when most of them turned to me”, says Ishita Kotiya, a certified Life Coach.

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It's a no-brainer that for people who lost their jobs, the stress is even more, both financial as well as emotional. They are going through very challenging times and finding it tough to remain calm and composed. “During the second wave itself, over 10 million or 1 crore people lost their jobs in India and almost 97 per cent of households' incomes declined since the beginning of the pandemic last year, according to Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE),” says Kotiya.

She tells you that she has seen many people losing their sleep and looking for jobs for almost 20 hours a day which definitely makes the whole situation much scarier and more toxic. “We need to understand that what is done cannot be undone, but we won’t have the leverage of earning money if we don’t take care of ourselves. Many studies have already proven how bad mental health can easily turn into bad physical health and it gives us physical symptoms like headaches, fever, fatigue, anxiety cramps, palpitations and many more,” explains Kotiya.

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Here she shares a few tips that will help you stay sound and mentally fit so that you are able to focus on finding a better job for yourself, and not give up.

Don’t just wake up and open your laptop/job portals looking for a job

As much as it sounds like the right thing to do keeping in mind that the uncertainty is so much that you can’t think of anything else. When you do this, you end up putting a lot of pressure on your mind and your emotional well-being. The portals are going to be there even after one hour of waking up. It’s important for you to take that one hour and not think about anything at all. Just let it be. Have your water, smoothie, maybe gaze at the nature outside, stay away from the screen and the notifications because that one hour is going to decide how you will be feeling throughout the day, and that better be good because you wouldn’t want to give interviews with a bad mood.

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Find your peace in people

Talk to people who motivate you rather than the ones who tell you how bad the situation is outside, and how uncertain times are, and how scary it is to not have a job. You already have a lot on your plate and during this time you need to surround yourself with people who will reassure you about how life is going to be okay again, and how you are already doing everything in your capacity to get things back on track. Welcome them to provide you with better solutions, too, but don’t let it affect you in a negative way.

Take out some time and listen to motivational podcasts or watch motivational videos

These help you in ways you cannot consciously understand at a deeper level. But these things tend to give you new ideas and provide you with the much-needed motivation. It almost works like affirmations. Just put them on while cooking food or taking a bath and that will surely help you.

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Make a time table

Just because you don’t have a job, does not mean that you work for 24 hours a day. It’s important to take intervals in between for your own sanity.

Staying away from coffee

It’s a very small thing and many people don’t take it seriously but coffee is very unhealthy for our body and soul. Limiting the amount of caffeine intake can actually make you more productive and help you think better. You can always replace it with smoothies and a lot of fresh berries.

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