Expert reveals why we get period acne and recommends a remedy

Here's what an expert says about why we get period acne and how to treat it.

Updated on Jun 21, 2022 05:32 AM IST  |  56.1K
Skin acne
Expert reveals why we get period acne and recommends a remedy

Experiencing hormonal fluctuation is very common during your periods. Before your period starts, you start feeling fatigued, and bloated and another most common symptom of periods is getting acne. As the date starts approaching, your hormones start acting up and the sebaceous gland that produces oil oozes out extra sebum, says Dr. Smita Bhoir Patil, a Homeopathic Consultant and Cosmetologist.

She explains that period acne is different from your regular acne as they are caused by the variation in your hormone levels. Due to the high levels of progesterone, your skin flares up and you start having acne. If you already have existing acne, you will notice your acne getting worse, becoming more swelled and it pains also sometimes.

Problematic areas that are prone to acne

Acne during our menstrual cycle usually occurs in the lower part of our face like on the chin area, neck, and jawline. There are three major hormones that are instrumental in causing acne. Our period is a cycle of 28 days, and it is divided into two halves. During the first half of the cycle, the hormone estrogen increases while progesterone levels up during the second half of the cycle. However, the level testosterone level remains the same even while the other two hormones are at lower levels. As the skin goes through the haywire of hormonal fluctuation it ends up behaving in a different way.

What causes the acne

The rise in progesterone level is the reason behind the sebaceous gland secreting more sebum. Sebum acts as the natural barrier of our skin, but during our menstrual cycle, the amount of sebum secretion increases, and our skin goes through various changes. Hence the excess sebum clogs the pores and gradually builds up under the skin’s surface resulting in acne.

Usually, the period acne is inflamed and red. As the hormonal changes start taking place inside your body, your skin becomes more oily and the oil gets confined with dirt and grim. This leads to the swelling of pores, and you start seeing big, red, flared bumps on your face.

How to remedy the situation

It is a natural phenomenon of our body, and you are bound to experience it every month. Although the changes in a hormonal level during your menstrual cycle may lead to glowing skin, most women experience acne on their face. It is difficult to prevent period acne, but you can always reduce the appearance of them by maintaining a healthy diet.

Start including more and more vegetables in your daily diet before your period approaches. Green veggies and fruits are a great way to detox your body and flush out all the toxins. Also, if you want to keep your skin clear, stay out of sugar and dairy as they will only increase the appearance of acne.

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