Eye Care: HERE's how rose water can soothe and refresh your eyes

Stress, pollution and long working hours really strain our eyes and make them tired. Here's how using rosewater regularly can soothe eye irritation, rejuvenate and hydrate our eyes.
Eye Care: HERE's how rose water can soothe and refresh your eyesEye Care: HERE's how rose water can soothe and refresh your eyes
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Long working hours, stress, pollution, lack of sleep and work pressure can irritate our eyes. Our eyes often tend to feel tired and hence to soothe your eyes use some rose water. Rosewater is aromatic water made from soaking natural rose petals into the water. Rosewater can be found in almost every Indian household and is used for multiple reasons. Be it mixing it in face packs or using it for fragrance, rose water is widely used in India. Not only is it immensely soothing on the skin, but also provides our eyes with a lot of benefits. 


Rosewater has beauty benefitting properties and can be used as an organic cleanser and astringent as well. Apart from this, its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties may reduce the distress caused by pollution and dust. Here's how you can make different eye packs at home using rose water. These packs will not only soothe your eyes but will hydrate them too. 


Soothes irritation:


Irritation and burning sensation in eyes can turn out to be quite unsettling. And if you are suffering from that, then rose water will work wonders for you. Add a few drops of rose water to your eyes and close them for 10 minutes. Doing so will soothe your eyes to a great extent.


Helps with dark circles:


Rosewater has lightening properties and is considered great to lighten the dark circles. In a bowl, add two tbsp each of cold milk and rose water and mix it well. Dab the cotton ball into the mixture and leave it for about 25 minutes. Apply the mixture under your eyes and allow it to stay for some time. Wash it with cold water and do this daily to see the results. 


Removes dust:


When it comes to our eyes, they are an easy target for pollution. And because of the pollution in the environment, a lot of dust goes into our eyes daily. Since it is quite impossible to remove all the dust from the eyes with water, add a few drops of rose water in your eyes before sleeping and press them slightly to remove the dirt. Once done, wash your face with cold water. 


Works great as an eyewash:


Long working hours, stress, pollution and constantly staring at the desktops, really work up your eyes. And to get rid of the same, it is always better to keep rose water handy. Take water and add a few drops of cold rose water to it. Close your eyes and wash them using the same.

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