Fat Burn: THESE exercises will help you burn fat at home

Updated on Sep 05, 2019 12:02 PM IST  |  1.5M
Fat Burn: THESE exercises will help you burn fat at home
Fat Burn: THESE exercises will help you burn fat at home

In spite of following several type diets, we are still unable to lose that stubborn belly fat. Be it having warm water with lemon on an empty stomach or following a detox diet, nothing seems to work when it comes to burning that fat. And if you are facing the same issue, then don't worry we've got you covered for this one. Follow these simple home exercise regularly and get rid of that belly fat gradually. 


These exercises will not only help you burn fat but will also increase your endurance level. It will strengthen your core and will make you flexible and strong. Belly fat is the most dangerous kind of fat, and is also the most difficult to get rid of. Research suggests that people with belly fat are at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. So follow these exercises to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Brisk Walking:



Brisk walk targets your whole body and mobilizes fat. It's one of the best cardio workouts and should be done daily for at least 40 minutes. To begin with, start walking slowly and then increase your speed gradually. Walk fast for 20 minutes, followed by a slow walk for 5 minutes, then walk fast followed by a slow walk. 





Crunches specifically target your lower and upper abs. It strengthens your core and helps you lose the fat around that area. Lie down on a mat and flex your knees while you lift your feet off the floor. Place a thumb at the back of each ear and hold the back of your head with the rest of the fingers. Once you are comfortable in the position, start the exercise by curling up and trying to reach your knees with your head. Inhale while you curl up an exhale while you go down. 




Plank is quite difficult in the beginning, but once you get used to it, it'll be very beneficial for your body. Planks target upper abs, lower abs, shoulders and biceps. Kneel on the mat and place your elbows on the mat. Extend your right leg and then your left leg. Keep your neck, back and hip in the same line. Hold on to this position for at least 30 seconds. 



Just like brisk walking, burpees also target your full body and focus more on abs. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then bend your knees and place your hands on the floor. Jump and push your legs back while you get into the plank position. Hop and get back in the previous position. Then jump vertically and extend your hands above your head. Land back slowly, and then repeat the whole thing. 

Russian Twist:


The intensity of this exercise is again intermediate, but it works well for your obliques, upper abs, lower abs and glutes. Sit on the mat, lift both your legs, keep your knees flexed, and lean back a bit. Join your palms to balance your body. Once you are comfortable with that position, twist your upper body to the left and then to the right. 

Follow these workouts at home regularly and see the results yourself.