Find out from the experts how work from home can impact the reproductive health and fertility

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Find out from the experts how work from home impacts reproductive health and fertility

Covid19 has not only managed to affect the health of human beings but has also managed to impact the way we used to live. To keep people safe and away from this fatal disease, the whole world started activities online like working from home module. With people sitting at home working relentlessly for hours, there are several health implications involved. These health issues need to be addressed to avoid further health complications.

While stress due to excessive workload may not directly cause infertility, but it can affect your lifestyle which can impact your chances of getting pregnant. To relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed or exhausted with so much stress due to working from home, it is recommended to seek help to relieve stress. Therapy may not directly help to conceive, but it may lower your stress levels, allowing you to make healthier lifestyle choices that, in turn, positively affect your reproductive health and fertility.

Is working from home worsening our reproductive health?

Due to long hours of work from home, people are cooped up into the four walls which can lead to a lack of vitamin D in the body. Lack of vitamin D has been linked with many fertility issues. Working from home has made people extremely lethargic, dull and there is a lack of movement which can lead to weight gain. This can be problematic if someone wants to conceive and with the increase in weight, it becomes difficult for women to bear a child, and the quality, quantity, and motility of sperm in men also reduces.

Working from home is not only impacting the eyes, but it also increases stress and anxiety to complete the work at hand. Contrary to the belief that some people still hold, the uterus does not control the cycles, but the brain does. Many people will be surprised to hear that stress, anxiety, food and lifestyle habits can affect your periods. Many women have been diagnosed with problems related to fertility in the lockdown as the sedentary lifestyle has kicked in. Work from home has not only made our life extremely dull but has also managed to impact the reproductive health of both men and women.

How can someone balance career and fertility?

Earlier work-life balance was determined by the number of work hours against the time spent at home. In the current scenario, it is not happening as more work is being done online. This does take a toll on physical health like screen fatigue, but that is not all, it can also affect fertility. Here are some simple tips to stay healthy:

Meditate a few minutes and be with your thoughts, as it might help you align your ideas.

Start eating healthy and increase the intake of water, as eating healthy is very important for a healthy body.

Excess coffee, alcohol and smoking consumption should be discontinued.

One can practice yoga, as it has proven to be very beneficial for women and men in enhancing their fertility.

Follow a regular and healthy routine that includes exercise, regular intake of water and a healthy diet.

About the author: Dr Pallavi Prasad, Fertility Consultant at NOVA IVF Fertility Bengaluru.

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