5 Myths around breastfeeding that you shouldn’t fall for

Updated on Sep 01, 2021 02:04 AM IST  |  115.7K
breastfeeding myths for mothers
Breastfeeding myths mothers should avoid

Motherhood is one beautiful phase of a woman’s life, if not the only one. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be perfect like a fairytale. There are challenges, too. The most common one being you are told of the dos and don’ts all the time. While some of these are helpful, others are nothing but myths.

Here we are busting 5 myths around breastfeeding. 


Breastfeeding hurts. Usually, if done correctly, breastfeeding doesn’t hurt that much. Sore nipples and sharp pain are all signs of a wrong posture. So, make sure you have held your baby close and holding it right. If the pain persists, consulting a doctor is always a better option.

Plain food goes a long way. While a breastfeeding mother must watch what she eats, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one must take to eating plain food. Having a balanced diet is as important for a mother, as for any other human being, if not more.


Formulas are a big no-no. While doctors suggest breast milk is the best food for your baby, it is always a mother’s choice to feed her baby formula, if and when needed. A quick fact, the first milk of the mother acts as an immunity boosting agent for the child.

Travel is not meant for you. We all must have heard our elders instructing breastfeeding mothers to not travel frequently, things, however, are changing for some, this is not backed by any scientific fact. Resting, however, is always a good option.

One year is more than enough. Many mothers are told not to breastfeed their baby for more than a year, there’s no science involved behind it. In fact, doctors suggest that breastfeeding for as long as 2 years is beneficial for both the mother and the child.

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