Follow this 20 minute yoga sequence to kickstart your day in 2021

We are almost 2 weeks down 2021. For those of you who can’t cope with the damages of 2020 and keeping up with the new year’s resolutions is getting to be difficult, here is something that might interest. Follow this 20 minutes of Yoga shared by grandmaster Akshar to start your day on a happy and positive note.

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Follow this 20 minute yoga sequence to kickstart your day in 2021
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When you follow the right methods, it is possible to enjoy a complete workout even in 20 minutes. Yoga focuses on the scientific alignment of the body, mind and spirit. It is a holistic tool to shape the mind and the spirit so that you are able to live a life of lasting peace and happiness.

The spiritual aspect of yoga ensures that along with physical health, strength, stamina and flexibility, you are also able to enjoy confidence, growth, and success in all aspects of life. Set aside a minimum of 20 minutes every day to perform the following set of exercises or yogic techniques explained by grandmaster Akshar and see yourself as a changed person and a better person in 2021.


Sukshma Vyayam

Sukshma Vyayam is a subtle exercise to warm up the body before you begin your exercise routine. According to the practices of yoga, warm up begins from the toes upwards. Start by gently warming up your feet and your ankles with rotation on both sides. Warm up the legs and knee joints. Throw in a few hip rotations; circle the arms in both directions. Relax and stretch the lower back through cat cow stretch. Start gently warming up the neck through head and neck rotations.

Practise the Himalaya Pranam

The great Himalayas are the source of powerful and divine energies containing many secrets regarding knowledge of yoga, spirituality, metaphysical existence, universal mysteries and more. This full body workout is a way of showing respect, reverence and gratitude to the mighty mountains.

Steps to perform Himalaya Pranam

Start in Pranamasana with feet together.

Holding pranam, bend half down with your upper body to Samakonasana.

Straighten to Pranamasana, opening your feet to hip-width distance. Inhale and bend back to Hastha Uthasana.

Exhale hold your ankles with your palms.

Walk your palms forward and lie down on your stomach in Advasana.

Inhale and lift up both your legs and palms holding pranam to Shalabsana.

Exhale lie down and push back to Adomukhiswanasana.

Walk your palms back to Padahasthasana.

Holding Pranam, bend back to Hastha Uthasana.

Exhale, and bend half down with your upper body to Samakonasana.

Straighten to Pranamasana.


Practise the Surya Namaskar

Sun salutations are a flow of postures made up of a total number of 8 asanas and woven into a sequence of 12 on each side. Surya namaskar is a total body workout which brings many benefits both to the body and the mind. Surya Namaskar is made up of a total of 24 counts and represents the energy of the Sun, which is said to be contained in the right side of the body.

Meditation - Sthiti Dhyan

Find a place which you do not frequent, preferably a natural environment for this technique.

Sit in any comfortable posture such as Sukhasana.

Look ahead for 5 seconds, behind you for another five seconds and on Right and Left sides for five seconds each.

Now close your eyes and recollect as many details that you observed as possible.

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