Frequently asked questions about Hernia answered by a Laparoscopy Surgeon

People have many doubts regarding hernia and most of them don’t get the right answers about it. So, Dr Rajan Modi, Minimal Access Surgeon and Laparoscopy Surgeon, House of Doctors, answers FAQs about hernia to help people understand it better.

Updated on Jun 08, 2021 02:03 PM IST  |  392.9K
Common questions regarding Hernia
Common questions regarding Hernia
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Are there any doubts in your mind regarding hernia? Then, you must surely get them cleared with the help of an expert. Below are some of the questions answered by an expert to help you manage the condition with ease.

A hernia can be described as a protrusion of one’s fatty tissue or even an organ via the abdominal wall in one’s groin area. One may encounter the problem of hernia owing to a congenital defect as the muscle experiences acute or repetitive stress and even pressure. This pressure pushes organs and surrounding tissue through the defect, creating the bulge that is related to a hernia. So, Dr Rajan Modi, Minimal Access Surgeon and Laparoscopy Surgeon, House of Doctors, answers some of the most questions regarding Hernia.

Which is the most common type of hernia that one may suffer from?

One can suffer from an inguinal hernia that is also known as a groin hernia. It can be present by birth or one may encounter it in later life.


Do only men get hernias?

Mostly, hernias are seen in men. But even women can get it. Those women with weakened abdominal muscles owing to childbirth can suffer from a hernia problem.

Is it dangerous to avoid a hernia?

A hernia does nothing more than getting bigger if not treated. Nevertheless, it can cause extreme pain and strangulate without showing any signs or symptoms leading to fatal consequences at times. Thus, a laparoscopic hernia treatment by the best physicians will not only put an end to the problem but also offer minimised hernia recovery time.

What is a strangulated hernia?

A strangulated hernia is a serious medical condition caused due to fatty tissues that push through a weakened area on the abdominal muscle. These fatty tissues force the surrounding muscle to clamp down around the tissue, resulting in a cut-off blood supply to the small intestine. If not consulted very soon, it can risk life.


Are there any preventive measures for hernia?

In order to keep hernia at bay, you will have to maintain optimum body weight. Try to exercise on a daily basis. You will have to see to it that you avoid constipation by eating a diet consisting of high fibre to regulate your bowel movements. Do not smoke as it can again lead to constipation. Lifting heavy objects is a strict no no. In case of persistent cough, consult your doctor over the phone on an immediate basis.

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