Grandmaster Akshar on effective Mudra technique to help regulate anger issues

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Grandmaster Akshar on effective Mudra technique to help regulate anger issues

Yoga has proven to be beneficial for decades now. It has multiple physical and mental health benefits that people now practice yoga on a regular basis.

Murti mudra is a powerful and dynamic mudra in yoga practice. Performing this mudra will bring innumerable benefits and also have a transformative effect on you. Murti means sculpture or mould In the same way this mudra helps to mould you, transform, and shape you into your highest potential. 

If by nature an individual possesses a negative mindset and entertains or dwells in negative thoughts and behaviour constantly then this mudra can transform and change the person's behaviour. It can mould and shape you into a positive and successful person.

Murti means body, form, in Sanskrit, and allows the breath to settle into the pelvis to promote balance, stability, and comfort the body and mind.

Grounding, rooting and feeling your connection to the Earth helps to support feeling present.


Formation of the mudra:

Join both palms together.

Keep your little finger straight of both hands.

Rest all interlocked including the thumb.

This hand gesture touches certain pressure points that cause a neurological change in your brain affecting certain behaviour. The powerful effects of this mudra even connect to your muscle and bone. If a person who is very negative practised this mudra, they will learn to develop positive traits and adopt a more cheerful attitude towards life. Instead of keeping you in anger, states of fear and anxiety this mudra can bring you towards a healthy balance of emotions and maintain calmness. 

The best time to practice this mudra is early in the morning but it can also be assumed that at any point when you feel anger. Simply hold this mudra and focus on your breath and begin to feel a sense of tranquillity. While food does not play a huge part in this mudra it is best practised on an empty stomach for maximum results.

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