Grandmaster Akshar on prenatal Yoga poses for every trimester

Yoga is beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing and it has especially proven to be effective for pregnant women. Try these yoga poses as suggested by grandmaster Akshar for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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Prenatal Yoga poses for every trimester
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Yoga is a boon to mankind bringing many positive changes to the body and the mind. It is no different for pregnancy. If you want to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, yoga can be very effective. This therapeutic and gentle science includes postures, meditation techniques, mudras and Pranayama. Yoga is a valuable practice that can eliminate stress, reduce anxiety and allow women to enjoy their pregnancy and stay calm during labour.

Please note that there are certain postures that need to be avoided during pregnancy which include inversions, supine stretches, backbends, abdominal twists and intense asanas.


First Trimester:

Surya Namaskar

It is recommended that during the first trimester, women who are pregnant practice sun salutation. Known popularly as Surya Namaskar, this is a scientific flow yoga poses like Ashwasanchalansan, Padahasthasana, Adomukhi Svanasana etc. This provides the body with a complete workout and also impacts the mind positively.

Chandra Namaskar

While your morning workout can include Surya Namaskar, your evening routine can comprise this powerful sequence of 9 powerful asanas that form the Chandra Namaskar or Moon Salutation. As the Chandra Nadi or channel is on the left side, you should begin the Chandra Namaskar with your left leg first.

Second Trimester


Spread your feet wide and point your toes at an outward angle.

Sit into a deep, low squat.

The back should be straight.

Lift your arms up bringing them to parallel with your shoulders.

Bend them at the elbow and open your palms towards each other in Gyan mudra.


Begin seated and extend your legs forward.

Join your feet together.

Elongate your spine, and place your palms beside your hips.

Keep your pelvis, thighs and calves engaged.

Allow your shoulders to relax.


Fold your legs and join the soles of your feet together.

Keep your feet at a comfortable distance from your groin area.

Gently just start flapping your knees up and down.


Third Trimester


Stand with an erect spine and join your feet. Relax your shoulders. Breathe 5-8 breaths while actively engaging your leg muscles.

Siddhohum Kriya

There are 5 steps to practising the Siddhohum Kriya, the Disha (direction) to face is east. This practice is ideal when done during sunrise, and each step is to be held for 1 minute.

Samasthithi – I am part of this existence, and I exist eternally in the past, present and the future.

Pranam – Bow down to the Universe for all your blessings.

Join your palms in front of your chest in such a manner that your elbows are aligned with your wrists.

Pukar Stithi – Prayer asking the Universe for energy, knowledge.

Stretch your arms up straight and spreading them at a 45 degree angle and turn your palms inward.

Prapti Stithi - Stretch your arms out forward in front of your chest turning your palms upward in the shape of a cup or a container.

Kritagyata – Offering your gratitude for what you received.

Place your palms on your heart.


Hakini mudra

Hakini mudra is also called the mudra for the mind. Ideally, it should be performed during sunrise. It can be practised in any stable seated posture such as sukhasana (easy pose) or padmasana (lotus pose), in which the spine can remain upright. To practice this gesture, first, bring the palms to face one another a few inches apart. Join the fingertips and thumbs of both hands together, allowing them to maintain light contact. The hands can then be raised to the level of the third-eye chakra, in the centre of the forehead.

Yoni Mudra – Womb Gesture

It can be practised in any stable seated posture such as sukhasana (easy pose) or padmasana (lotus pose), in which the spine can remain upright. Bring the hands to the lap. Interlock the middle, ring and little fingers together. Press the thumbs and index fingers together. Move the thumbs and index fingers away from each other, forming a diamond shape.


Consult your gynaecologist or medical practitioner even though yoga poses and practices can be gentle on both the mother and the unborn baby. To ensure that it is safe for you to practice yoga, take the assistance of a yoga expert during pregnancy especially if it is your first time.

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