Grandmaster Akshar on simple and powerful mudra technique to improve digestion

Grandmaster Akshar reveals a powerful mudra technique that can help improve digestion and act as an aid. Find out more.

Updated on Jul 26, 2021 03:53 PM IST  |  982.8K
Grandmaster Akshar on simple and powerful mudra technique to improve digestion
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There have been a few occasions in all our lives when we have experienced digestive issues such as upset stomach, gas, heartburn, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea. But when this is frequent or chronic, it can lead to many serious problems. Try to follow a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, pulses, cereals, sprouts, dairy products and proteins in order to provide the necessary nutrients and enable smooth digestion.

Yoga asanas or postures along with pranayama and meditation practices help to cleanse, stimulate, aid, and encourage good digestive function. Another major factor of digestive disorders such as heartburn is caused by stress and anxiety. When we are peaceful and enjoy mental well-being, we have a healthier appetite, and will refrain from emotional eating; irregular meal times, and avoid unhealthy food. Pushan mudra can act as an aid. Practising this mudra regularly gives us that extra help we sometimes need for better digestion.


Practise this simple mudra to improve your digestion and eliminate any stomach related disorders.

About Pushan mudra

Pushan mudra activates Prana Vayu (the energy of receptivity), Samana Vayu (the energy of digestion and assimilation), and (the energy of elimination). A combination of two hasta (hand) mudras, the fingers of the right hand creates a receptive position while the left hand takes a form that represents elimination.

Formation and technique

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture, i.e. Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana or Sukhasana. If one is not able to sit in any of the above Yogasana, then it can be practised seated over a chair too but do not let your bare feet touch the ground while performing this mudra. Gently close the eyes and the whole body should be properly relaxed.

Right hand mudra For upper-GI-tract issues like reflux and belching:

Press the tips of the index and middle fingers to the tip of the thumb. The ring and little fingers remain outstretched, the palm facing up.

For lower-GI-tract issues like gas, bloating, or constipation:

Press the tips of the ring and little fingers to the thumb. The index and middle fingers are left outstretched, palm up.


Left hand mudra The left hand is the same for all GI issues:

Press the tips of the middle and ring fingers to the tip of the thumb. The index and little fingers remain outstretched, the palm facing up.

With the backs of the palms resting on the top of the thighs, increase pressure from the fingertips on the thumb on your inhalation and release the pressure a bit on exhalation for a relaxing effect.


Practising Pushan mudra which is linked to the stomach, liver, and gallbladder can help to relieve nausea, flatulence and the after effects of rich meals. While this is not recommended as a replacement for a better diet, physical exercise or medical treatment.

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