Grapes vs Raisins: Which one should you choose as per their nutritional value?

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Grapes vs Raisins: Which one should you choose as per their nutritional value?

Grapes are also known as the queen of fruits and come under many colours including red, blue, green, purple and black. They are used in many desserts and are, of course, the primary ingredient in the winemaking process. Whereas, raisins are grapes that have been either air-dried or sun-dried. 

These are often used in many desserts as a topping and are usually green, golden or blackish hue. They are energy boosters and rich in nutrients like potassium, iron and calcium. Raisins and grapes are practically identical in appearance but are different in nutritional values. So here is a detailed nutritional comparison between the two.






When the grapes are dried, the amount of sugar present in them becomes concentrated. So in terms of the sugar content, raisins have a higher sugar content than grapes. This makes them harmful for those suffering from diabetes or any such condition wherein sugar consumption is an issue. 




Antioxidants help in maintaining good health and prevent various chronic illnesses. When fruits are dried, the components in them become concentrated. Thus, the amount of antioxidants present in raisins is 3 times higher than the amount present in grapes. 


When it comes to a comparison between the number of calories present in the two, raisins have a higher number of calories as compared to their counterpart, grapes, since the calories become concentrated in the former when it is dried. 



Weight loss

For those who are trying to lose weight, raisins are said to be better for them, since they have a higher amount of calories as compared to grapes. 


The answer to which is healthier depends on your individual needs. If you want a source rich in antioxidants, then raisins should be your preferred choice. But if you are looking to lose weight and want something that is low in calories and sugar, then you should go for grapes.

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