Green Tea for Weight Loss: How much and when should you consume green tea

Green tea is known as a magic potion for weight loss. Consuming it daily can work wonders for your body. Read below to find out how and when you should consume green tea for better weight loss results.
Green Tea for Weight Loss: How much and when should you consume green teaGreen Tea for Weight Loss: How much and when should you consume green tea
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When it comes to weight loss, one thing that everyone swears by in the world is green tea. Green tea is often considered as a magic potion for weight loss since it helps with detoxification and also boosts metabolism. People who are considering losing some weight should add at least 2 cups of green tea to their daily diet. Green tea has very little calories and can also be a good and healthy replacement for en number of coffee or teacups that we consume daily.


With time, multiple companies are launching vivid varieties of green tea. Some brand it organic and pure, while others brand it as a one-stop remedy for weight loss. And it is often suggested to consume the ones that have no flavours. If you are new in the world of green tea and are planning to include it in your diet. Read below to find out how much and when to have green tea for weight loss


How green tea helps with weight loss:


Green tea is said to be good for weight loss as it helps in making the body’s metabolism more efficient. It has catechin flavonoids, an antioxidant, which boosts metabolism. The caffeine present in green tea acts as an energiser that has been shown to aid fat burning and improve exercise performance. Following a balanced diet and working out regularly is an effective way to lose weight, but when you add green tea to the diet, it can increase the positive result.


How much green tea should you consume daily:


Research suggests that when you are on a weight loss diet, you should consume 2 to 3 cups of green tea. However, the exact amount varies from person to person depending upon their natural metabolism.


How to prepare green tea:


Ideally it is advised to use the green tea leaves, but you can also use green tea bags. First and foremost, do not overheat the water, as it will damage the catechins. For a better taste, boil water and then allow it to sit for ten minutes. Then pour it over the tea leaves or bag, and brew it for a minute before removing the leaves or bag. 


When to drink green tea:


Health experts suggest that the ideal time to have green tea is right after breakfast and lunch, since that's when your metabolism rate is at its peak. Consuming green tea during that period will ensure a faster metabolism, further helping the food to digest better. 


Type of green teas:


Due to increasing competition in the market, there are different varieties of green teas available at the moment. However, Natural, less processed green teas have the richest nutritional content and thus are considered best for weight loss and other health benefits. So don't go for the flavours if your goal is to lose weight. 


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