Gym Vs Yoga: Check out difference and benefits of gymming and doing yoga poses

Gym Vs Yoga: Read on to know the difference between the two and what are the benefits of gymming and doing yoga poses.
Health & Fitness,gym vs yogaGym Vs Yoga: Check out differences and benefits of gymming and doing yoga poses
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We all know how important being active is. One should ideally indulge in any form of physical activity on a daily basis. With the help of physical exercise, one can relieve stress, enhance mood, alleviate sleep and hunger issues reduce the chances of health disorders such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and pains among others. And most importantly, it aids in healthy weight management. 

To stay fit, many people either join a gym or indulge in activities such as brisk walking jogging, swimming, Zumba and playing sports among others. However, aside from gymming and other exercises, of late many, are resorting to practicing yoga and forms of yoga. Yoga is quite ancient and a gift from India to the world, however, it was not practiced that much. Thanks to growing awareness, since the past few decades, it became popular in the health circles. This form of exercising is also linked to a host of health benefits. 

So, which is better? Ideally, both the exercising styles have their own set of benefits with some of them overlapping. Which is better is highly debatable as both are good for the health of the body and mind. 

Read on to the know difference and benefits.

Benefits of the gym and other exercises:

Muscle development

Better respiration and perspiration

Aids weight loss

Relieve stress

Keeps heart healthy and reduces the chances of several diseases

Benefits of yoga and walking:

Helps to get flexibility and toning

Helps bowel movement

Better mind control

Improves blood circulation

Relieves anxiety and depression

It can be practiced anywhere and everywhere.

Yoga or Gym:

Speaking of the differences, while gymming requires a set of equipments while in yoga you hardly need any stuff. Most of the time people miss the gym as they feel lazy to go. Another major difference is the expense, the gym can be expensive while yoga is more economically convenient. Of course, it is difficult and not pocket-friendly to have a personal gym. And with Yoga, one can start doing anywhere and hardly any barriers and bunking is less due to the same. Spread your yoga mat and you are good to go and you can start performing your asanas. While gymming focuses on building the body and helping you attain the desired figure, yoga helps you to regulate the entire body's mechanism and it encompasses mental well being as well.

Gymming may not be advisable for old people or people who have ailments like hypertension and heart problems. Yoga, on the other hand, can be done by older people too, especially the simple pranayamas and asanas.  

Also, after a yoga session, one feels energetic and fresh and does not increase hunger while gymming leaves you famished. And the same can lead to overeating. We are also sore and tired after gymming, that is mostly not the case with yoga (exception: power yoga and other variants).  Another best part of yoga is that it also acts on the internal organs of the body. Coming cardiovascular benefits, yoga may not provide the same, however, gymming can. 

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Actually physical exercise is important ,if your purpose is to become muscular and get a v shaped body probably gyming is better , however if want just a healthy body without an issue of muscle mass and shape then yoga is good

Yoga improves respiration with the breath in the connection with the movements. It aids in weight loss by bringing mindfulness to everything you do including choosing what to eat. Flexibility, stamina and balance also improve. Yoga is more than the mat.

Yoga can provide even cardiovascular benefits also, there are some particular Asans and Pranayam for that also

Doing yoga for the last 4yrs. All my health issues are solved. Now feeling young and energetic

I am a yoga instructor. I was a going to gym too. I felt yoga is apt since its holistic approach for caring body and mind and it's spiritual too

Yoga is the best I live in France and I am practicing it
I am in Love with all kind of yoga

Yoga is the best way to keep healthy body and Mind.

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