Gym Workout: THESE are the infections you can catch at the gym

Most of us love going to gym since it helps us to stay in shape but what we don't know is that it also helps us contract some infections. Read below to find out infections that you can contract at the gym.
Gym Workout: THESE are the infections you can catch at the gym
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Working out, in general, is not only good for your body, but it's also good for your mental and overall health. Some of us prefer working out outdoors, while most of us love gyming. Going to the gym is a habit that's inculcated by many of us to stay fit and healthy. While it's a great habit to have, did you know that gym itself is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that can make you sick? Yes, as strange as it sounds it's true. 


If you are a gym lover and cannot miss it for anyone, then you must know about these infections that you can catch at the gym.


Read below to find out what those infections are.


Athlete's foot:


This is the most common fungal infection of the foot and can happen to anyone. Itching with red rashes and scaling on the side of the feet and between the toes is the most common symptom of an athlete's foot. However, it can be easily treated with antifungal creams and powders. Though in severe cases, you might also need a course of prescription antifungal therapy. 




Lice can fill the hairy body parts including chest, armpits, eyebrows, eyelashes and beard. You can get lice by using towels of an infected person. Intense itching is the most common symptom. There are multiple lotions, shampoos and medicines available to treat lice. Keep your stuff closed in a gym bag so that lice cannot enter it.




This is again a common infection, that's caused by fungi. It usually happens from the skin to skin contact, dirty towels, wet gym shower floors and other infected surfaces. It looks like a raised red patch of the skin with a scale along the periphery. You can apply anti-fungal creams or visit the doctor if the case is severe.


Jock itch:


It is a fungal infection of the groin but can also affect women, often under the bra line. The first sign is itch followed by a pinkish-red rash. Apply dry zinc powder that helps in decreasing humidity. Make sure to shower immediately after a workout and if you don't feel any change, you can check with your doctor.


Toenail fungus:


The most common cause of this infection is the same fungus that causes athlete's foot. You can get the germs from a dirty floor and wet surfaces near the pools. You can use antifungal powder to treat it. If there is no improvement, you can visit your doctor to get prescribed medicines.

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