Hair care: 6 ways your scalp reveals your current health

Your hair is considered to be the barometer of your current health situation. Here's how you can tell what your current health situation is based on your scalp situation.
Hair care: 6 ways your scalp reveals your current healthHair care: 6 ways your scalp reveals your current health
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Did you know that hair issues are often considered the first symptoms of a health issue? The current condition of your hair and scalp, according to studies, is often considered a barometer of your nutritional problems. This is known to be because the hair is not life-sustaining and is considered the least important structure for the body to sustain. 
Your tells you more than just what kind of hair day you are having. Everything from its texture, thickness, look and everything else in between are signs of underlying health conditions. Here is everything you can tell with the way your hair currently is. 

When the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough hormones for the body, This is when the hair sheds, thins out and brings about a huge change in the appearance of the hair. Thyroid also causes the hair to thin out, causing bald patches! 

One of the the major things you can tell through your hair, is how stressed you are. When one is stressed it causes everything from hair loss to grey hair leading to hair thinning, bald patches and more. 

Vitamin Deficiency 
One of the most common thing to observe through the scalp, is deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies like B12, D and more have a negative impact on the hair and scalp health. The hair starts to thin out suddenly without any warning. This can be reversed by consuming vitamin supplements.  

Hormonal fluctuations
When the hormones are fluctuating, especially in women, it causes the hair to either grow out a lot or fall out. When the hormones are unbalanced, the hair also becomes drier while the scalp tends to become oily and itchy and flakey, probably even leading to dandruff. 

The biggest sign of dehydration is a dry scalp. To deal with this, rather than picking out medicinal shampoos, it is better to consume more water and fluids, moisturising and hydrating yourself well, to keep healthy at all times. 

Weight loss
Sudden weight loss can mean a number of things when done in an unhealthy manner. The first way to tell that a person is losing weight, is with the way the scalp reacts to it. The scalp reduces its support for the hair when the body is suddenly going through weight loss because the body is dealing with the loss. The hair begins to fall out, thin, go dry, when the body is going through sudden weight loss. 

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