How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Do you want to know how to make your hair grow faster and stronger - naturally? Simply follow these expert-recommended dos and don'ts about hair care and boost your hair growth!

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How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts
How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Having healthy, shiny, stronger, and fuller hair locks is still a dream for many women and men alike. There are a lot of factors that stimulate hair growth. But the first factor you ought to recognize is that your hair grows roughly six inches every year, which means your hair grows about half an inch every month. However, this is a general number, and not everyone’s hair grows the same. Also, it is wise to keep your hair growth expectations to this range when considering the tips on how to make your hair grow faster and stronger.


Now that mathematics is behind us, there are a few sure practices and dos and don'ts, as per hair experts, that will assist you in boosting your hair growth. These primarily include an improved diet, increased hair care practices, and supplements that stimulate hair growth. Let us understand in depth how to grow your hair faster and stronger.

What factors can make your hair grow faster and stronger?

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Many factors will have an effect on your hair growth. Some of the crucial factors include the following -

• genetics or case history of hair loss

• hormonal imbalances

• lack of appropriate nutrition like protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, fatty acids, and anti-oxidants

• certain heavy medications (as well as chemotherapy or exposure to radioactivity procedures)

• depression, stress, and anxiety

• recent (or sudden) extreme weight loss of more than (or equal to) 9 kgs or twenty pounds

• facing or dealing with trauma that may damage your hair follicles

• certain severe diseases or critical conditions

Also, primary factors like age, overall health, hair type, and some sensitive health conditions determine how to make your hair grow faster and stronger.

However, research is yet to explore how and what regulates hair growth at the cellular level in your body. Until today there is little to no understanding regarding the likelihood of increasing hair growth in men and women alike.

How to make your hair grow faster and stronger: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Human hair consists of dead skin cells and keratin. While there is no direct approach, no wizardly drink or remedy that may lead to instant hair growth or make your hair grow faster and stronger overnight, there are tips you will want to keep following to boost your hair growth, health, and shine. Let us look at these 16 simple dos and don'ts recommended by hair experts to make your hair grow faster and stronger.

1. Keep your hair cooled down

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Heat styling will damage and break hair. If you regularly get blow-outs or use a curling (or straightening) rod or hot comb, your hair might not grow as fast and strong as you would like them to. It is better to let your hair dry naturally. But in case you are in a hurry and have to use heat to style your hair, opt for the following tricks to protect your hair and get your desired hairstyle.

• Firstly spritz on a heat protectant.

• Use the lowest temperature setting (the cooler, the better).

• Work fast so that you can reduce the time that heat touches your hair to avoid much damage.

• Avoid using the heating or styling rods every day.

2. Leave your wet hair alone

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Wet hair is super-elastic. When you sweep your hair while it is dripping, you risk breaking hair strands, injuring the follicles, and damaging the cuticles (the shingle-like cells that shield your hair). Similarly, the usage of heating irons on super wet hair will produce bubbles within the hair shaft, resulting in even more fragile hair. If you have straight hair, let it dry naturally, then comb gently with a wooden wide-toothed comb. If you have rough-textured, frizzy, wavy, or curly hair, gently detangle them with a wooden wide-toothed comb only when they are partially wet.

3. Always use conditioner

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Use conditioner post your shampoo every single time! It helps your hair appear and behave better, plus it strengthens your hair strands and shields them from the heat, humidity, and harmful ultraviolet radiation rays of the sun. If you have straight hair, apply it merely to your hair ends to avoid weighing it down. And if you have black hair, coat the strands and ends properly to nourish those fragile tips.

4. Take care of colored hairs

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Bleach and other similar chemical hair treatments (like permanents) weaken your hair. As a result, your hair will most probably break or shed. To make your hair grow faster and stronger as per your wish, decide on a color not too aloof from your natural hair color. In simpler words, choose a color that is a maximum of three shades far from your natural hair color to avoid using more damaging chemicals. Always do a smaller test patch before using the color or chemical on your entire hair. Furthermore, avoid applying the colors directly to your hair roots.

5. Hair growth meds - yay or nay?

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medicine that will assist you to hold onto the hair you are left with and may even make your hair grow faster and stronger eventually. However, you need to continue using the prescribed medicine for the best and most prolonged results. Prescription medicines to treat hair loss also include finasteride (Propecia) and corticosteroid (Aldactone). On the contrary, hair loss is also an adverse impact of certain medications that commonly include amphetamines and beta-blockers. We strongly advise you to consult your doctor before using any medicine for hair growth and ask for their alternatives in case you experience the negative effects of those meds.

6. Think about micro-needling

Micro-needling means using a roller or a rod that has several fine needles on it to form minute punctures in your hair or scalp. It has been known to serve folks with hair loss, particularly if used with alternative treatments like minoxidil. Scientists believe it helps the meds to properly penetrate your skin. Although you can obtain micro-needling kits from a chemist, it is better to consult a hair specialist as the micro-needling process is slightly complicated and may even cause unwanted situations if not done correctly.

7. Caffeinate your hair follicles

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Caffeine has been proven to push hair growth, especially in females who are a lot sensitive to its follicle effects. While a lot more research is required on caffeine as a hair growth assister, preliminary analyses have shown that topical formulas could decrease hair loss, particularly if combined with minoxidil. Also, using hair care products infused with caffeine as a principal ingredient may help in making your hair grow faster and stronger. 

8. Trim your hair at regular intervals

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

You must be wondering how a haircut might make hair grow faster and stronger. Once you get a trim, what comes off are the hair ends, the weakest components of your hair strands. If left as is, those ends might split or break. Split ends tend to travel up your hair shafts, making your hair locks appear even shorter. You do not have to cut an excessive amount when long hair is your goal. Your hair grows roughly half an inch per month, so you can aim for a quarter of an inch trim after every two to three months or so.

9. Reduce your stress levels

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Prolonged stress will send your hair into a resting phase, skipping the stage that urges them to grow stronger. It can also put you at higher risk for alopecia areata, a condition where your own immune system starts attacking your hair follicles. It might then lead to trichotillomania, a robust urge to drag out your hair. If you want to make your hair grow faster and stronger, you must reduce your stress levels in your life or figure out ways to manage or deal with it.

10. Give your hair all the care

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

If your hair has a tendency to break easily, it desires additional pampering. For example, black hair is comparatively more fragile, so pouring on tender loving care will let your hair grow faster. Do not over wash them. Simply wash them enough to get rid of product buildup, i.e., maybe once or twice a week for the average (not too oily, not too dry) hair type. But if you have extra oily hair, you may wash your hair thrice a week. If you want to relax your hair, head to a professional. But be frugal when getting touch-ups. In fact, get them once in about two to three months, and that too only to new grown hair. Plus, treat your hair to a hot oil massage or treatment every couple of weeks.

11. Be careful with braids and hair extensions

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Wearing hair extensions or a tight braid might sound sort of a handy crosscut to the long locks you desire. However, do not wear them for over a couple of months at a time. And NEVER pull them out all by yourself as it will damage your scalp and overall hair. If it hurts once your hair is tied into braids, extensions, cornrows, or weaves, they are certainly too tight and will harm your scalp and hair. In this case, immediately ask for a redo without hesitation.

12. Do not lose weight too quick

When you wish to shed pounds, please ensure that your hair does not come off with it. How stress tends to trigger hair loss, similarly extreme sudden weight loss will negatively impact your hair growth. In simpler words, when you do not get enough protein or fatty acids, your body will start using whatever it will get, and hair growth will obviously become the least priority. Once your nutrition returns to its original ways, your hair will start growing back. So it is always better to follow a healthy, slow-paced meal plan which does not negatively impact your hair.

13. Take your supplements timely

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

There is no verified supplement to make your hair grow faster and stronger. However, if you are deficient in some critical nutrients, it will have a negative effect on your hair growth. For example, low iron causes anemia, which in turn, may trigger hair loss. Similarly, Vitamins D and B play a huge role in healthy hair. So do omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and B complex or biotin. Consult your doctor to discuss your deficiencies and ask them whether or not you must take a Vitamin pill or supplement and for how long.

14. Protein is a MUST

As per our trichologist, if your diet is highly restrictive, your hair will not grow ideally, and a lot of shedding will occur. Always strive to eat a well-balanced meal with adequate protein intake to make your hair grow faster and stronger. Our trichologist suggested advocating a minimum of fifty grams of protein every day. As per identical research, a continued decrease in protein intake also can cause Telogen effluvium (TE), i.e., a second most common form of hair loss.

15. Use silk covers

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Surely crisp cotton linen feels comfy against your skin, but it may not be the most effective alternative, especially if you have fragile hair. Some folks prefer to wear a silk (or satin) scarf to bed or sleep on silk (or satin) pillowcases to protect their hair. This, however, does not mean that your hair will start growing quicker. Though this small gesture will cut back frizz, friction, and hair breakage and will give you a lush feel!

16. Massage to your rescue

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

A few minute studies have indicated that regular head massages may facilitate making your hair grow faster and stronger. However, we still want a lot of proven results on this. Having said so, scalp massages are notable for assisting stress relief - one of the major contributors to hair loss. Besides, they feel nice and relax our minds. Gently press, pinch, and stretch, your scalp for a few minutes every day (or whenever possible). Or you can also try using scalp massaging tools readily available in the market.

Bonus tips to make your hair grow faster and stronger

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

If you want to make your hair grow faster and stronger and entail healthy hair follow a correct lifestyle and healthy habits. Above we mentioned several ways to promote hair growth. Now, here are some DON'Ts to keep in mind to stimulate healthy hair growth -


1. Avoid extreme calorie deficits.

2. Avoid hair merchandise that is not tailored to your hair sort.

3. Avoid regular heat styling sessions.

4. Avoid direct contact of your hair with choline, the sun, and other harsh elements.

5. Avoid tying your hair too tightly.

6. Avoid unnecessary hair extensions.

7. Avoid applying chemicals directly to your roots.

8. Avoid harshly pulling and scratching your hair.

9. Avoid excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

When to consult a hair doctor regarding hair growth?

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

If you notice any concerns in regards to decreased hair growth, excessive hair damage or shedding, or any crucial changes in your hair texture immediately consult your doctor. They will check for any nutrient deficiencies and advocate specific meds to facilitate healthy hair.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing unexplained or extreme hair loss, you must consult your doctor immediately and get a thorough check-up done.

Summing Up

How to make your hair grow faster: 16 dos and don’ts by hair experts

Boosting hair growth is not the simplest thing to try, and it definitely is not magical. There are no tricks or shortcuts to increase your hair growth, but there are ways that you can take for hair care that may grow your hair faster. Remember the hair experts suggested 16 simple dos and don'ts on how to make your hair grow faster and stronger, i.e., using a mild shampoo, (always) applying conditioner post shampoo, maintaining a rich and healthy diet, and regular intake of supplements.


Personally, if you are experiencing extreme hair loss and are not quite positive about what to do, the primary step is to consult a trichologist. It is better to know the truth behind hair loss than blindly following general advice.

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How can I increase my hair growth in only a week?
Stimulating hair growth is often a time consuming and extensive process that requires patience. Although you can adjust your diet and try new hair treatments, you can expect an increase in your hair growth in at least a few weeks.

Will my hair growth slow down if my hair gets too long?
Your hair might not stop growing at any length. However, it may stop when your hair growth cycle crosses its time. At that point of time, your hair may either start to shed or break off.

Which oil to use to make your hair grow faster and stronger?
Hair experts suggest using castor oil mixed with coconut oil to make your hair grow faster and stronger.

How to increase the density of my hair naturally?
Although you can not amend the number of hair follicles you have got, you can naturally facilitate an increase in your hair density by consuming a well-balanced diet that features hair-growth nutrients (like protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and b

Can I wash my hair each day?
It completely depends on the type of hair. While straight and oily hair might need daily washes, you should not have to be compelled to shampoo daily if you have broken, damaged, or dry hair. Also, if you have an oily scalp but your hair ends are dry, you

Does weather have an effect on hair growth?
There actually is a theory that your hair grows quicker during the summer months and sheds or breaks a lot during the winter months. But there is no scientific proof to this assumption (only something that the people have believed in since the ages). We s

How can I stop hair loss after/during weight loss?
One of the negative side effects of losing weight is often losing hair. Among different factors, this could be caused by a deficiency of nutrients like protein, fatty acids, and zinc. So, if you wish to prevent hair loss, avoid terribly low protein diets,

Which hairstyle should I go for to stimulate healthy hair growth?
While there is no particular hairstyle that may help to stimulate healthy hair growth, natural hairstyles that do not require loads of maintenance might forestall additional damage to your hair follicles. Moreover, you can avoid hairstyles like tight pony


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