Happiness VS satisfaction: Which one is more important for your well being?

Ever wondered if our search for happiness has left us unsatisfied? Read on to know which one is more important for your well-being.
Happiness VS satisfaction: Which one is more important for your well being?
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You must have heard this debate on happiness vs satisfaction a thousand times, but did you ever try to understand the difference between these two states of mind? Happiness and satisfaction are intertwined, but never the same. To know the difference, you must understand the meaning of these concepts. 

What makes you happy? Does the thing that makes you feel happy make you feel satisfied as well? Will you ever be able to experience satisfaction even if you’re not happy, or vice versa? We all search for things that make us happy, and somehow, we don’t feel satisfied. Maybe you think if you had a bigger house, a bigger car, a hot date, then you’d feel happy – we always crave for more. 

Here is the difference between happiness and satisfaction. 

What is happiness? 

Happiness is defined as a state of mind as well as an emotion. It is about how you feel at the moment. It can be defined as a momentary experience that is pleasant, feels extremely good. Your dopamine levels are high at that moment. The only bad thing is that it goes away as the moment passes. 

What is satisfaction? 

Satisfaction is a state of mind when your desires and needs are met. It is a state of inner contentment, meaning you are not stuck in the endless pursuit to buy more things in life. It is the feeling that you get when you spend your days doing things that are important to you or mean something to you. 

Happiness Vs Satisfaction 

If you are wondering which one is important for you – it depends on your beliefs and ideology. You can find happiness in little things in life. For instance, eating your favourite ice-cream can make you feel happy, but if deep down, you are feeling guilty, then you will not feel satisfied. 

You will achieve satisfaction once your source of happiness or success is aligned with your inner beliefs and the way you view the world. Being satisfied means doing work that feels meaningful to you. So, in a way, aiming at satisfaction is a better way to do things.  

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