Having trouble due to teeth sensitivity? HERE are the causes and solution to this problem

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common problems that gets worse with the weather. So, Dr Gunita Singh talks about the causes and prevention measures of this problem to keep your teeth healthy and protected.
Having trouble due to teeth sensitivity? HERE are the causes and solution to this problem
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When you are unable to eat anything hot and cold that means your teeth are sensitive. It is one of the most common problems of the teeth especially when the weather is changing. Cold water and hot coffee become a curse at this time and you cannot enjoy them at all.

But with the right care and prevention measures, you can be safe from teeth sensitivity. So, Dr Gunita Singh, Director of Dentem, shares some tips to take of your teeth to be safe from sensitivity.

How to keep your teeth safe from sensitivity?

Causes of teeth sensitivity

Tooth Decay

If you have any carries in any of your teeth that tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold. Best is to get yourself treated.

Post Dental Treatment

Many dental treatments like scaling, whitening, and composite filing lead to sensitivity post-treatment. It is a temporary phase and goes away in a week or two.

Change of Weather

The onset of winters is one of the major reasons for sensitivity. As soon as winter sets in, suddenly teeth are unable to take cold.

Old Restoration

Sometimes old fillings done years back become the cause of sensitivity because of the microleakage of the old material into the roots.

Attrition of teeth

Often, the attrition of teeth loses the enamel which is the outer covering of the tooth. This becomes automatically sensitive.

Prevention measures of tooth sensitivity:

Use desensitising products

There is a wide range of desensitising products in the market starting from the toothbrush to toothpaste to mouthwashes. They are very effective and give good but temporary relief from sensitivity. So, the first step is to start using desensitising products for 2-3 months to get some relief.

Improve your diet

Make sure you include healthy fruits and green vegetables to your diet especially Bananas and sweet potatoes which are rich in potassium and phosphorus to give extra nutrients to your enamels outer covering of your teeth. You can rub banana peel on the teeth too to curb sensitivity.

Treat the cause

The reason for sensitivity can be any underlying problem in your teeth. So, go for a checkup and get an X-ray done for the final treatment.

Avoid trigger foods

Avoid trigger foods like ice creams, sweets, hot coffee and tea or any other foods that increase sensitivity.

Mouth Guard

If you have attrition in your teeth, then you can wear a mouth guard to save yourself from sensitivity.

Avoid acidic foods

Avoid any acidic food that will erode teeth further like lemons. Also, acidity leads to erosion, so make sure that your gut is healthy.

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