Health Benefits of Jaggery: THIS what makes cane sugar the BEST winter food

Updated on Jan 04, 2020 10:57 AM IST  |  1.2M
Health Benefits of Jaggery: THIS what makes cane sugar the BEST winter food

When it comes to food, some food items are seasonal. And one such food item that works wonders in winter is Jaggery. Jaggery, which is also known as gur in Hindi, is known for its healing properties. Jaggery is unrefined cane sugar that is popular as a healthy replacement for white sugar. When it comes to the production of Jaggery, India produces about 70 percent of the world’s jaggery. It's unprocessed and has multiple health benefits. It is commonly made from concentrated sugarcane juice. Jaggery is less sweet than maple syrup and has a rich, brown sugar like-flavour. 


If you want to stay warm and comfortable this winter, then you should definitely consider adding jaggery to your diet. Still not convinced? Read below to find out some amazing health benefits of consuming jaggery. 


Here are some health benefits of jaggery. 


Generates heat:


Jaggery is known as a winter wonder food. Its potency is hot and therefore, heat is generated within your body when you consume jaggery. Our blood vessels become narrower during winters, and jaggery helps in improving the blood flow. 


Helps with constipation:


Jaggery helps with digestion and prevents constipation. It helps with the activation of the digestive enzymes and therefore helps in digestion of food. Hence many people eat jaggery after their meals. 


Helps with period pain:


Menstrual cramps are worse, and if you suffer from menstrual cramps, then you must have jaggery daily. It's a natural treatment for menstrual problems, since it releases endorphins in your body, which relaxes your body. 


Helps with joint-pains:


Research suggests that eating jaggery in moderation with a glass of milk can help you with the joint pains. It can also strengthen the bones and provide them with the energy that they need.



Combats the symptoms of cold:


Jaggery is great for flu and cold. Take some jaggery, and mix in warm water and drink it to reap its benefits. 


Energises you:


Jaggery is a natural sweetener, and provides you with energy for a longer time. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate and gives instant energy, jaggery is a complex carbohydrate and gives energy to the body for a longer period.