Eating Disorders you should know about that could worsen your health condition

Models are not the only ones who are prone to eating disorders. It's a mental health condition that can impact anyone at any stage of life and it's something to watch out for.
Eating Disorders you should know about that could worsen your health condition
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Eating disorders are more common than most of us would like to think. Eating disorders are more of a mental health condition than anything else and the intervention of a Mental Health specialist is. An eating disorder could be about anything ranging from body image issues to unhealthy eating habits and that could also be the source of this problem. Eating disorders are not something that you would want to take lightly because they could cause serious health problems. Unlike the myth that we would like to believe eating disorders could actually happen to anybody at any age or at any stage in life. An eating disorder generally emanates from an emotional issue which can be the root cause of this problem. An eating disorder could also happen due to genetics or personality traits or even due to social norms and standards. It's not easy to spot the signs of eating disorders and there are numerous kinds of eating disorders which are pretty common.


Here are some eating disorders that we should know about

1. Anorexia nervosa

In this disorder, people mostly focus on their weight and are constantly obsessed with it. Even if they are underweight or malnourished they would still be very careful with their diet and restrict food and work hard to lose weight. They are obsessed with weight loss and staying thin. They will either curb their eating habits or eat as much as they want and then forcefully vomit to get it out of their system.


2. Bulimia nervosa

The symptoms of this eating disorder are similar to anorexia nervosa but in this eating disorder, people eat until they are painfully full. Lose control of their diet and are unable to stop eating. They struggle with the constant fear of putting on weight and end up purging whatever they eat. They usually manage to maintain a normal weight and are not underweight like people with anorexia.


3. Binge eating disorder

People with this eating disorder will eat even if they are not hungry and they will eat till they feel full and uncomfortable. They have a habit of binging with no control whatsoever. They only difference is that they do not feel guilty about consuming the calories and will not purge.


4.  Pica

We have all eaten soil and paper when we were young but if this is one habit that you have continued even after growing up then this might be an eating disorder is well. In this eating disorder, people eat things that are not food like paper and soil and stones or pebbles and soap and other such things. If someone close to you has a habit of craving such non-food substances then you may want to dig deeper into their mental health problems.


5. Rumination disorder

People with this eating disorder are usually underweight. They develop a habit of eating the food and then bring it up after a while and then they chew it again. After re-chewing it, they might swallow it or spit it out.


6. Avoidant/Restrictive food intake disorder

People with this disorder are usually obsessed with nutrition and calories and come to constantly watch their diet. This often leads to lack of nourishment and deficiencies of nutrients. This causes them to lose weight and restricts their development. People with this eating disorder underway due to the dislike of how the food looks or smells or tastes. They may also have zero interest in food.

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