Health Risks of Keto Diet: THIS is why the ketogenic diet may not be the right weight loss method for you

Some of us go on the ketogenic diet to stay fit, while the others do it to shed some weight and get into shape but either way, it's important that you understand the health risks of the diet you pick.
Health Risks of Keto Diet: THIS is why the ketogenic diet may not be the right weight loss method for you
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With the changing times, people have started paying more attention to their health, fitness and diet. Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy diet in order to stay fit and fab and maintain their health. We all know that our diet plays a big role in our body and health and this is why it is very important to watch what we consume because it directly affects our body. This is why there are numerous healthy diets which have become popular because of their benefits and the impact it has on our body and health but it is important to remember that every trending diet does not necessarily have to be good for our health. It is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced and when we fail to do that we end up doing more harm than good. This is why we should know the health risks of the diet we try. One of the most popular diet trend, the keto diet, also has health risks that every person out there should know before they get on this low carb, high fat diet for weight loss.

Here are some health risks of the ketogenic diet.

1. When you get on a keto diet, you push your body to change its normal course and instead use ketones and fats as fuel to produce energy for the body which can cause electrolyte imbalance and even dehydration and lead to flu-like symptoms. You may get a headache and feel dizzy and fatigued. It can also make you feel nauseous and constipated.

2. Animal foods like eggs, cheese and meat, which are high in fat, are a large part of the keto diet and can put you at a higher risk of developing a kidney stone and also make your urine acidic which in turn can also damage your kidneys and if you already have a chronic kidney problem, that might just get worse due to the above-mentioned diet.

3. The ketogenic diet limits your carb intake but our digestive system needs fibers in order to function smoothly and high carb foods are usually what contains fibers and this can lead to digestive problems and constipation. It can also take a toll on your gut health.

4. This diet puts a lot of restrictions on the food you consume. It cuts out some food items that contain essential nutrients like legumes, fruits, grains and such from your diet. This means that your body does not get adequate vitamins, minerals and other compounds and lead to nutritional deficiencies.  

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