Health tips: HERE's why eating in a silver plate is good for your health

Updated on Jan 09, 2020 11:58 PM IST  |  6.4M
Health tips: HERE's why eating in a silver plate is good for your health
Health tips: HERE's why eating in a silver plate is good for your health

When we talk about silver plates, one thing that immediately comes to our mind is royalty. We start imagining rich and royal people having their scrumptious dinner in a silver plate. And when we see those silver plates, we usually think that they use these plates to just show off their wealth and class. But the truth is that there's a reason behind it. In fact, people during the ancient times used to have meals in the silver plates for some reason. 


According to health experts, it was all about a healthy lifestyle and not merely a status symbol. Yes, you read that right, eating in silver plates is good for your health and can also prove to be beneficial in the long run. If you are someone who has always been curious about this concept, then read below to find out why the eating silver plate is considered to be a healthy practice. 


Antibacterial properties:



Once we serve the food on the plate, it takes us a while to eat the entire meal. And according to the experts, silverware has antibacterial properties that keep the food protected from harmful bacteria in the air. So, even if you leave you food untouched for a while, you know there's nothing going to happen to it. 


Good for the immunity:



Apart from protecting us against the bacteria, the silverware also reduces the chances of the weakening of the immune system and keeps you safe from diseases.


Helps with digestion:



Silverware is known to have a cooling effect on the body, and it also smoothens digestion and helps improve the metabolism in the body. 


Keeps food fresh:



Research suggests that, food or drink stores in silver utensils last for a longer duration. They kill the microbes and holds their growth resulting in fresh food.





In comparison to other materials, silverware has non-toxic properties. They don't contaminate the food with their chemical properties and keep them safe for hours. 


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