Health Tips: Here's your guide to eat right when you are exhausted

Do you often feel tired and end up eating things because you crave them? If yes, then read below to find out how to eat right and avoid certain things when you are exhausted.
Health Tips: Here's your guide to eat right when you are exhausted
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Do you have 2 to 3 cups of coffee in the morning to wake yourself up from sleep? Do you feel tired and sleepy even after sleeping for a good 7 hours? If your answer is yes to the above-asked questions, then your body is trying to tell you something. It's trying to tell you that you are exhausted, and you need some time off. Exhaustion is quite common among people and most of us feel almost daily because of the hectic lifestyle that we are following or because of the workload we have. 


When you feel worn out, your body starts to ache, you feel sleepy and lose your concentration. People try to tackle this situation in their way and at times, tend to eat unhealthy and junk things to uplift their mood. And eating junk at the wrong time can be dangerous to the body, especially if you are on a diet. If you face the same thing, then read below to find out how to eat right even when you are exhausted or lazy. 


Here's your guide to eat right when you feel exhausted:


Food to eat: When you feel worn out, you automatically feel hungry and crave for your favourite junk items. And to combat this, try small portions of complex carbs, protein and some healthy fats. A balanced meal of this kind will help you maintain the energy levels and will also give you the extra energy. Here are some food combinations that you must consider eating: 



You can have oats with berries and nuts: They are packed with carbs, fibre, natural sugar and antioxidants. Another option is a salad with mixed veggies, and lentils, dressed with oil as this again provides you with healthy fats and proteins. Apart from this, consider having almonds, walnuts and fruits. 



Food to avoid: You'll crave sugary food, but you should consider avoiding it by all means. It is so because sweet stuff makes you feel energetic, but it is short-lived. The energy level spikes and then crashes immediately. So stay clear of sugar. 



Hydration is the key: Keeping yourself hydrated is important, especially when you are tired. Your tired cells need water to stay active and alert. So, drink plenty of water. 

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