Herbal concoctions to ease stomach bloating and improve digestion after festive indulgence

Foods are a special part of any festival, but overeating can cause bloating. Hence, Dietitian Mehar Bakshi gives tips about some herbal concoctions to ease stomach bloating and digestion.
Herbal concoctions to ease stomach bloating and improve digestion after festive indulgence
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Festivities are incomplete without delicious treats, oversized meals, sugary foods and drinks. But these can arouse food temptation to a level that one would hardly care about the calorific value of the dishes. However, the bloated stomach, cramps, energy slumps and nauseous feeling caused by binge-eating often might leave you feeling guilty and uncomfortable. Fortunately, mother nature has bestowed us with effective herbs, which can provide instant relief from abdominal pain, soothe bloated belly and relieve the nauseous feeling.

Herbal concoctions are highly beneficial to improve our digestive system and prevent stomach bloating. So, dietitian Mehar Bakshi talks about popular herbal concoctions that can help us out to stay healthy.

Herbal concoctions for stomach bloating:


The herbal concoction, also known as Kadha, is a blend of herbs and spices, which help to support healthy digestion, improve the functioning of the body, strengthen the immune system and ward off infections.

To get rid of constipation and a gassy stomach, one can make kadha at home using just four kitchen ingredients- green cardamom (elaichi), ginger (adrak), cumin (jeera) and fennel (saunf).

Health benefits of Kadha

Here’s how the ingredients in Kadha aid in stomach bloating and digestion:

1. Carminative in nature and packed with anti-bacterial properties, cardamom helps to speed up digestion, relieves acidity, reduces inflammation in the stomach lining, fights heartburn and nausea.

2. Ginger works by increasing digestive fire, which helps in the proper breaking and assimilation of the food. Besides, ginger also protects and heals the gut, which helps to reduce cramps, and bloating. Cumin can rev up normal digestion by increasing the release of bile (digestive enzyme) from the liver.

3. High in fibre content, cumin seeds can boost the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates enzyme secretion and treat cramps.

4. Fennel seeds are also highly beneficial for aiding digestion due to their anti-sporadic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Consuming fennel seeds smoothens abdominal muscles, alleviates gas, improves flatulence, bloating and indigestion.  

Since kadha contains a concentrated form of herbs and spices, make sure to drink the concoction in moderation.

Concoction of coriander seeds

If you consistently suffer from bloating issues, then boil one teaspoon of coriander seeds in water for five minutes and drink the concoction regularly. The diuretic properties of coriander seeds help to keep the hormones in balance and also reduce water retention in the body. Even drinking plenty of water and walking after eating also helps to keep digestive problems at bay.

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