Here are some nutritious snacks to munch on while you work from home during the coronavirus lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a lockdown and while we all work from home, we want something to munch on every now and then but it's important to watch our diet and snack on healthy food items as much as possible.
Here are some nutritious snacks to munch on while you work from home during the coronavirus lockdown
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The rapid outbreak of coronavirus has led to a lot of problems. This contagious virus pandemic started from Wuhan, China, and managed to infect over 170 countries and claimed numerous lives in the last few weeks. This has led to widespread panic and stress. In an attempt to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further and infecting more people our country has gone into a full-fledged lockdown. This means that all public transport, public places, public gatherings are shut including private offices and only the essential services and government offices are operating and that too at minimum capacity. Most offices are now working from home and we all know that can be a little boring sometimes. Most of us end up snacking on unhealthy food items while we work from home because we're just bored but it's important to maintain our health and boost our immunity during this time. During this worldwide health crisis, it's important that we stay home and snack on healthy food to boost our immune system and stay healthy as we work from home while staying quarantined. Here are some healthy food items that you can snack on.

1. Oats

You roast some oats and mix it with some ragi flakes and make a delicious oats chaat. Add some chopped fruits and some chaat masala to it and snack on it while you work. You can also add chopped onions, tomatoes and some spicy and tangy chutney and make oats bhel puri to snack on.


2. Granola

Just open that pack of delicious chocolate and nuts granola and snack on it while you work hard. Remember to limit your granola intake, everything is good only in moderation.


3. Chickpea

You can buy some roasted chickpea or just roast it at home to snack on. It's one snack that is full of fiber and rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins as well as amino acids which are essential for your body.


4. Fruits

Chop all your favourite fruits in bite-sized pieces and mix them in a bowl. Now add some salt, black pepper and chaat masala as per your taste and mix it well. Snack on this fruit chaat while your work.


5. Yoghurt

Yoghurt is rich in probiotics and other essential nutrients and has very few calories. You can have flavoured greek yoghurt or you can simply add some muesli and chopped fruits in your bowl of yoghurt to satisfy your hunger.


6. Corn

If you want something nice to munch on while you stare at your computer screen, it's best to make some yummy popcorn and snack on it because it has a low-calorie count. You can also have a cup of sweet corn chaat to snack on if you like that better.


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