Here are the ways to prevent stress eating during the COVID 19 lockdown

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Here are the ways to prevent stress eating during the COVID 19 lockdown

People are currently in great stress and anxiety thinking about the effects of the novel coronavirus outbreak. The lockdown, caused by the COVID 19, has made public even more tensed about the future. Staying at home for the whole day is making us more frustrated about this crisis. People may not be able to concentrate on their work. This is all happening because of stress and anxiety.

When people are stressed out, they often start to eat a lot. That is known as stress eating. Stress eating is a habit of consuming food items in response to your feelings mainly when you are not hungry. It is also known as emotional eating as your emotion is now controlling you for when and how much to eat. This habit may get increased in this vulnerable situation. Later, it may cause serious health issues for you.

Stress Eating: Tips to combat stress eating in quarantine period.

1-  First, take some time to think about the root of this problem. Try to understand why you are overeating. Is it for stress or boredom or something else? Try to observe your feeling while having foods. Thinking about it will help you to find the core problem of stress eating.

2-  Research says that seeing delicious foods can also make you hungry even if you are not hungry. This may also cause you to eat more.

3-  Try to incorporate lot of fruits and veggies which provide the feeling of satiety like apples, bananas, pineapple, mango, papaya, leafy greens, broccoli, squash, mushrooms, tomato, eggplant, etc.

4-  Don’t cut down on your calorie intake entirely. This may lead to overconsumption of calories. So, follow the basic nutrition rules for your food intake.

5-  Try to avoid having packaged foods as much as possible. They have high sugar content which is harmful for our health. Eat home-cooked foods most of the time for nutrients and minerals.

6-  Research says that dehydration can have a negative impact on our mood and energy levels along with food habits. So, stay hydrated always.

7-  If you are working from home, then do a mild workout. Doing exercises regularly will keep you active and strong. Eventually, your mood will be improved and you will be stress free.

8-  When you feel that you are getting bored, try to engage in something. Try to make a new dish, learn a new song, a new dance or yoga, rearrange your home, declutter things in your cupboard, etc. Being busy will prevent your boredom and you also from over-eating.

9-  Don’t watch TV while having your meals. These kinds of distractions contribute in over-eating a lot. Focus on your food entirely to finish it off. And control your portion for eating as well.

10-  Stay away from alcohol because it increases your appetite due to which you tend to increase your food consumption.

11-  Practice meditation every morning. This will improve your mood and make you stress free and calm so that you can cope up with this situation.

Foods to have to improve mood

Consumption of these foods regularly can help you cope up with your stress.

Fatty fish.

Dark chocolates.




Nuts and seeds.



Whole grains.

Egg yolks.

Orange juice.


It’s not easy to fight with stress. But since the entire country is fighting against the deadly COVID-19 virus, we can manage our boredom and anxiety with slight changes in diet and lifestyle. But don’t step out of the home to get stress free. Stay at home and stay safe.


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