Here’s how yoga is beneficial to reduce stress and increase mindfulness

Stress is the most common problem due to the busy and unhealthy lifestyle. But it can be managed properly with yoga and meditation. Grand Master Akshar shares some tips on it.
Here’s how yoga is beneficial to reduce stress and increase mindfulness
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Stress is a major factor for many lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, depression, diabetes, etc. In order to deal with stress, we need an effective solution that can help us overcome mental disturbances and allow us to live peacefully.

Extreme stress can disrupt our lives including our ability to function properly.  There are solutions available in Yoga like meditation and physical practices that can help us overcome stress and live a joyous life. So, Grand Master Akshar talks about how yoga is highly beneficial to heal a stressed mind.

Relationship between yoga and a stressed mind:

Meditation to reduce stress

There are many powerful techniques that yoga offers us which can be therapeutic and healing for stress. Stithi Dhyan is one such meditation technique that builds our observation powers making us watchful and aware of our immediate surroundings. Meditation slows down your reactions and enables you to exercise a pause in your thought process. This in turn allows you to respond better to situations rather than impulsively react from a state of negative emotion. Yoga improves the clarity of mind and helps you become more focused on your goals and objectives.

Physical practice to eliminate stress

Very often the mind reflects what the body feels like. And if your body is feeling stiff, tired and exhausted, then your mind feels tired, sluggish and lethargic as well. To combat this, yoga has Moon and Sun salutations called Chandra and Surya Namaskar, which are physical practices allowing the body to open up.

Movement is like medicine to the body and mind. When you begin to move your body, the mind naturally and automatically begins to relax. In this way, not only does the sun and moon salutation improve physical strength, flexibility and stamina, but it also energises the mind and keeps you active, alert and positive throughout the day.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Yoga and meditation improve the quality of mindfulness within us. This simply means that we are able to conduct our lives in a more mindful manner. Whatever we are doing, our actions get improvement. Mindfulness is an important tool to enhance our well-being both physically and mentally. Yoga and meditation raise the vibration in us thus reducing stress to provide a better life.

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