Here’s why moisturising your hands after washing them is a must

The pandemic has inculcated the habit of frequently washing our hands. Check out some reasons why moisturising your hands is as important as washing them.
Here’s why moisturising your hands after washing them is a must
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The post-pandemic world has made handwashing a mandatory ritual several times a day for us. A huge population of the world is obsessed with washing their hands from time to time that it has all the potential to become our muscle memory. 


As much as maintaining top-notch hygiene for your hands, you must consider the overall health of your skin, which is overtly put at risk all the time. Washing your hands, of course, kills off all the germs from them, but they also tend to make your skin extremely dry and lacking moisture due to excessive washing. 


We obviously cannot stop washing our hands, especially at a time it's greatly necessary, but what we can do is moisturise them after washing to ensure that they are well hydrated.  



What magic do moisturising hand creams do?


  • Moisturising your hands is as important as washing them because moisturising helps restore the moisture balance of your skin and keep them supple and hydrated. 


  • No matter what weather conditions you are living in, you must keep your hands moisturised to avoid skin breakouts, rashes, itching, and dryness. 


  • The chemicals used in soap not only kill germs but have properties that can make your hands dry when used frequently. Alcohols and parabens may include in the ingredients used in the hand-wash liquid you use, which may irritate your skin. 


  • Moisturising your thirsty hands does not only make them hydrated but also keeps them fresh-smelling and soft until the next wash. 


When you wash any part of your skin, the pores open up and there are chances for dirt to accumulate again, therefore moisturising them locks these pores with all the essential nutrients needed for the skin. 


It is also crucial that you choose the right moisturising cream for your skin, preferably with no or minimal chemicals and cleansing properties. 

Protecting the largest organ you possess is something that needs to be taken seriously, especially when humans are ghastly exposed to the weather changes and pollution that exists in today's world. Make sure you keep your lovely hands hydrated and moisturised!

About the author: Bhargava Paritala is the Co-founder of The Palm Care Company

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