Here’s why you should incorporate lemon balm in your cooking

Lemon balm is a magical ingredient that has soothing properties. It is effective in boosting cognitive functions, reducing anxiety and treating cold sores. Here are 5 such health benefits of this perennial herb.
Here’s why you should incorporate lemon balm in your cooking Here’s why you should incorporate lemon balm in your cooking
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Lemon balm is a lemon-scented herb from the mint family. It is native to Europe, West Asia and North Africa. The leaves of this plant are used to make medicine. It contains chemicals that have a calming and sedating effect.


It has several health benefits and is used tor reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, dementia, indigestion etc. It is most commonly used to improve cognitive functions. Have a look at 5 such health benefits of this plant.



Reduces bloating


Lemon balm is a herb that relieves flatulence. It helps in digestive problems like gas and bloating. It is also effective in alleviating the symptoms of constipation and in reducing the symptoms of indigestion.


Ensures sound sleep 


Lemon balm consists of a compound called rosmarinic that has calming properties. It lulls a person into a deep sleep and is also said to beneficial for people suffering from insomnia. 


Treats headaches


Stress-induced headaches are the worst! And the more you stress about it, the more intense they get. Lemon balm has soothing and sedating properties that reduce stress and tension from the body and offer instant relief.

Reduces period cramps


Period pain can disrupt your daily routine and can rob you of an energetic and active lifestyle. Lemon balm has healing powers that are said to reduce period pain and alleviate PMS symptoms like period cramps. 


Alleviates anxiety


Regular consumption of food and beverages consisting of lemon balm have said to alleviate stress and anxiety. It is said to be effective in uplifting the mood, improving cognitive performance and reducing nervousness.


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